Philippine Police Arrest 91 Chinese Crypto Scam Gang!

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Philippine police recently reported that criminal investigators arrested 93 employees and managers in Mabalacat, Pampanga last week to protest the company suspected of involvement in cryptocurrency fraud.

Albert Ignatius D. Ferro, director of the Bureau of Crime Prevention, said police seized 159 desktops, seven laptops, 554 cell phones and extensive data devices during the Oasis hub fire. The company is known as an outsourcing company providing services to Philippine Offshore Licensed Employees (POGO).

Among the detainees were Oasis Hub executives Richard and Connie Tan Chen, his wife and 91 Chinese employees.

According to police records, Oasis Hub previously asked Filipino workers to post multiple fake numbers on Facebook and Instagram and post photos of models or beautiful women as avatars.

Filo added, “The Filipino worker (the scammer) then portrayed himself as a wealthy role model and deceived the uninitiated. In addition to media, he is also looking for chat apps for victims. But the platform is run by Chinese people behind the oasis hub. It's the platform.

Police said the operation was carried out on the advice of an expert who provided information and evidence that Oasis Hub was involved in the scam.

Investigators from the Office for Crime Prevention are working on evidence of computer arrests and other electronic devices to find digital evidence to support fraud claims. Police now have access to a wide array of fake news accounts, interviews with con artists and victims, company websites, fake trading platforms and their information, including for many personal information. victims.

Police demand the arrest of Mr. Wang, who is believed to be behind the deception.

Meanwhile, 126 Filipinos from the Oasis Hub have volunteered to testify against corporate executives accused of violating Section 26 of the Philippine Securities Regulation Act (RA 8799) (fraudulent trading) and the Cybercrime Prevention Act 2009 RA 10175.


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