The official adidas website reports that the adidas x Prada split NFT may be released on the 24th.

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阿迪达斯官网暗示adidas x Prada 联名款NFT或将在24日推出

According to the relevant pages of Adidas' official website, global sportswear brand Adidas and Italian fashion brand Prada are planning to launch a joint NFT, which will be announced on January 24 at 9:00 p.m. Beijing time. For the moment, neither adidas nor Prada executives have announced the position.

阿迪达斯官网暗示adidas x Prada 联名款NFT或将在24日推出

SwanSit, former head of Nike's global digital marketing company, also posted an adidas x Prada-related video sharing NFT on Twitter on the 20th, saying the epic NFT collaboration is coming. Please respond with your favorite adidas emoticons below.

In fact, the official adidas Originals Twitter manager announced their new partnership with Prada on the 5th. adidas and Prada round out their collection with Prada's signature Re-Nylon fabric and small bags that redefine the conference. Coming soon.

In recent months, Adidas Originals has been working on Metaverse and NFT, including landing the Metaverse Sandbox in November last year and announcing a three-way partnership with Gmoney, Punk Comics and Boer Ape Yacht Club in December. . In NFT's Into Metaverse series co-op, holders can receive 4 special offers for free product launches in 2022.

Four special bodies, including the classic adicolor Firebird tracksuit (sport top and sweatpants), the graphic hoodie (and the classic gmoney orange hat), will be available for a limited time only by visiting the website and signing up. grateful that you have NFT. Actually. ) Free to order at no extra cost.

ITM NFT holders will be able to use the real equipment in March.

Additionally, adidas Original has undergone a number of bodybuilding changes today from the earlier Into Metaverse NFT series, announcing the launch of the first body change window on their March official website. , adidas Original was also announced, and the first option for the Metaverse was unveiled.

adidas First Announcement: Physical Exchanges, launches the first physical exchange on the official website in March. Having ITM NFT allows you to link your wallet on the web, and you can use it for any wallet you have. All NFTs control physical equipment. This will burn the ERC-1155 NFTs into your wallet, to redeem the real items, and you will also receive ERC-1155 tokens which will enter the second phase of the metaverse. There is a fuel price for each exchange. Don't change quickly. You can choose to wait to reduce fuel costs.

adidas Originals concludes: We went with this option by announcing the previous one so that the middle class knows if the ITM NFT has been redeemed for real, and which product is still valid, Update FAQs, and real articles. Payback time is approaching. Make a full report. Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to improve our way to 2022. adidas Originals Family Love.


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