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Doomhero First 3D DeFi RPG NFT Strategy Game

You have to survive and fight in an apocalyptic world full of zombies and fight against the most dangerous dangers. Let's fight together!

Is your team hero strong enough? Is your defense strong enough? Is there enough support?

There is no strongest hero in the apocalyptic world, only the strongest team!

All heroes are created by NFT, Heroes NFT industry opened 15 jobs to start!


Hero NFT trading market, just open an account on the official website and click on the market place to enter the trading market interface, you can search hero, expertise, level, etc. By search engine, you can directly search for the hero. It is urgent that you want it.

Because Doom Heroes is divided by the blind, many friendly teams will not face any defense, support, ability, etc., and cannot blast the combat force. Trade freely with a hero you don't have. The team hero is no longer a dream.


Doom Hero is a European and American 3D cartoon-style Game Fi product that combines SLG gameplay and RPG rendering to ensure that the game looks good. it only has pictures, players can face the battle. The birth of the video game is to provide players with entertainment and benefits, whether it is a traditional game or a racing game, the old purpose cannot be broken. apocalypse. To begin with, players are excited to save the world in this game, everyone is a hero and everyone needs great strength to defend the peace.

In Doom Hero, players need to have 5 heroes, create their own battle teams, and unlike other racing games, zombie enemies in this very powerful game, so players need to think about balance and release time. Skill levels, skill levels, tool upgrades and other obstacles can defeat the enemy.

Gear, heroes, and rare items received by players in-game are all NFT gear and can be traded in the market and by third parties. Token rewards received by players after joining PVE, PVP and other modes can be used not only to make the team more profitable, but can also be sold in the store. The game features a variety of combat settings, Alliance Wars, Arenas, World Bosses, Battle for Thrones, and more. everyone gives rich prizes to players, and the principle of strong and lasting strength gives players a lot of happiness.



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