Wikipedia editors oppose dissemination of NFTs working on art.

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NFT appeared as a pseudonym in 2022, and so-called “digital devices” saw an increase in 2021.

In conclusion, NFTs have taken their place in the world. With NFT, digital artists get the recognition they deserve. But when it comes to "art", people seem to have different opinions.Wikipedia seems to divide NFT into "non-art". And that could be the case for NFT, which is now thriving in the arts.. But this is a recent phenomenon on social media platforms.


According to Wikipedia's discussion, there appears to be an increase in the division of NFTs into “non-art”. User-creator Wikipedia has now voted against classifying NFTs as art, with much debate over whether NFTs can represent art.Some communities believe that NFTs are just tokens separate from charts, while others believe that there is no reliable data to define NFTs as charts..

Of the community members who participated in this discussion, doctors protested including NTVs as art, but no one agreed to sell NTVs as art. Needless to say, given Wikipedia's global reach, this might cause some confusion.

And it all started at the end of December 2021. In fact, with NFT having sold over $ 90 million, however, like in the NFT community, there was an agreement to remove surface operations from top seller news. For example, Pak's $ 91 million NFT series and Beeple's $ 69 million NFT series were eliminated and controversy arose.

Guan Peisheng de Gemmi "Duncan Cock Foster" 트윗 "Wikipedia, internationally recognized as true, erupted before some NFTs were classified as "non-artistic", the rest of NFTs can also be easily identified as "unartistic", making them expensive for people around the world.."

Griffin Cock Foster, one of the co-founders of Nifty Gateway, one of the supporters of NFT, said the same. Usually it's 100% art. "

As an NFT Duncan Cock Foster collector, NFT communities must come together to show its potential.


Raws li Duncan Cock Foster "The best way to define this properly is to train Wikipedia editors.. You can edit the page, but it won't affect Wikipedia's reputation. Participation requires knowledge of the treatment. "

Beyond that, the release of the Web3.0 Everipedia encyclopedia has helped improve the status quo and I think the platform should compare NFTs to graphics.

Report to Everipedia, "Everipedia Editor is a newsletter that supports Web 3.0 about art and innovation.."

However, this is not the first Wikipedia discussion on the cryptospace. Here David Gerard, Anti-Crypto space activist and Wikipedia editor, takes the lead, removing comments on Australian blockchain software company Power Ledger.


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