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After the 11th Temple passed the "Cryptocurrency Mining Regulatory Notice" on September 24, various regulatory penalties apply to individuals and companies whose mine is not affected by the law, when certain perpetrators are accused of having committed a crime. He's also jumped into the realm of investigative agencies here and there, and recent arrests in the state are no different. To help friends of the mining cycle understand the red lines in their business, the Sister Sa team shared these phrases with them.Mine crimes, for the reader's use.

Understanding the typing range

Before dividing our costs, we need to clearly state the concept. Many of my friends seem to think that Form 924 is only for home bitcoin use or similar virtual currency mining with no application scenarios, but it isn't.

Although virtual currency is the subject of a special demand, its behavior still follows the "process of creation of virtual currency by a special mining machine". From a police and law enforcement perspective, the application scenario is just a shell to think about and measure virtual currency, and the risks associated with the production and industry of the virtual currency are increasing. The share of mining is still a small resource for the national economy. , plays a limited role in supporting the development of industry, science and technology.Household chores should be done away with.

Common criminal reasons


Most mining farms are responsible for selling mining equipment, power metering and hosting, so in the process of purchasing mining or power computing equipment and obtaining virtual benefits, consumers.Users cannot view and analyze the status of mining machines and count energy over time.

In case of on-time payment of the virtual currency at the same time as the virtual mining farm calculates the power and the mining machine, and the misuse of the funds provided by the customer used, the workers of the mining farm may constitute an offense of fraud. Even if you spend the same amount of money, fraud is often the most punishable, so even if you are jailed you can get out of the crime which is the key to protecting yourself personally.

Integration and production of commercial pyramid products

In accordance with legal and judicial interpretation, the details of this violation in the operation of the mine must comply with the requirements of the regulatory authority, and must There must be at least three levels and at least 30 people must be paid according to the number. Man-made and diverted products.

It is necessary to identify the issue of "payment group". Most mines don't pay based on how many people build them, but based on their eyes. Online gift counting and payment based on downline sales is a "group giveaway" type sales pyramid. Simple “payment group” type pyramid selling activities, sales-centric and sales-based, are not considered a crime. CornKey pyramid selling activities "according to the number of personnel improvements on the basis of payments or bribes" should be sanctioned by participating in and leading pyramid selling activities.

To better understand, I think it depends on whether the buyer buys a mining machine that includes additional power to the seller's content.What the buyer wants is the sale or the mining machine and the machine itself.

illegal expropriation of public funds

Violations of public funds are punishable by disclosure of funds for capital management without financial authorization. In fact, some law enforcement agencies have chosen this crime as legal to criticize, since the miners and the Chinese have a plan to earn money by creating virtual profits, and above all, the electronic devices seem to be financial devices like packages . Treasure. Related actors.

However, the team of four sisters remains skeptical about the composition of the bill. To judge wrongdoing, the following practices should be followed.Rules that violate the law are part of the current Korean financial rule, the sale or hosting of Chinese mining and energy equipment are not affected by this regulation. The legal purpose of Form 924 is to protect electricity and has no direct impact on the administration of financial law.

Illegal Financial Offenses Section 2 of the Supreme Court's Interpretation on Various Issues Related to Special Requests of Law in Criminal Cases presents a wide range of cases where sales include the illegal use of funds. Second, he said that even though the action is revenue-based, the decision should not contain details about the sale or the primary purpose of the sale. And the sale of mining equipment for the only sale of goods with real details.It does not need to be included in the category of illicit money.

illegal trade

Although this crime is temporarily included in the Koryo group as a criminal offense of trafficking, it is difficult for a criminal who has been involved in the illegal trade by selling mining equipment and Chinese energy. An illegal trading offense is defined as a "state violation" where 924 records are department standards, the quality of which does not reach higher than rules, and not in the category of "state law" . defined by the translation of the order. Second, the sale of Chinese mining and energy equipment is not an illegal business that has fallen into illegal business, and a final status interpretation must be announced to the House of Advocates for approval. Therefore, the Sister Sa team will not comment on this violation.

normative instructions

According to our national mining law, Sister Sa's team came.Note some information, see the personnel involved:

1. The 924 data governs the domestic mining operations which use the residual electricity in our country and the foreign workers who are not in the conflict.

2. The sale of mining equipment to individuals where I live overseas does not violate the provisions of Form 924.

3. If foreign traders do not provide mining services to people in China, their content links will be blocked according to our domestic law.

4. Persons at risk of criminal misconduct should do their best to preserve criminal evidence based on an understanding of the prosecution and proceedings involved.

finally write

From a visual point of view, operations are only performed in certain situations, such as IPFS, efficient use of data storage, etc. It may not need to be categorized as a salvage industry that should be challenged due to the creation of cryptocurrencies. Compare that with the clash of stones and two birdsDividing up mining and creating detailed legal information is the way to get the most out of and use all of our national resources.


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