10 years of potential and explosion: DAOs you don't know

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DAO is starting to explode around the world this year. The first versions are not yet clear. A new CAD project has arrived. From DeFi to DeFi DAO, from public channels to mergers, DAOs seem to be changing the quality of the whole game. Industry.Rules in a subversive problem. In the meantime, we'll be revamping some of the key CAD development features and key features at each stage, and providing pre-existing information for future generations and new CAD developments.

Research Thoughts - The Best Performing Invisible Giant Bitcoin DAO

DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) refers to a decentralized autonomous organization and is a type of organization that encrypts the management and operating rights of an organization in the form of a "smart contract" of a blockchain so that it can operate autonomously without centralization. A charter or other organization involved in the operation. According to the report available online, the first proposal was requested by Bitcoin contributor Mike Hearn, who explained that in 30 years there has not been a single leader, the best decentralized organization scenario will be.

Judging by the results of current use and improvements, Bitcoin that emerged around this time was already the best and most successful example of the use of DAO, and participants from all over the world joined forces to manage. and leverage the benefits of Bitcoin distributed data as a result of the cultivation of the technology process. To do. . However, this success was not repeated in future events, and it is difficult for the project to fit into the larger form of self-government created by Bitcoin.

Knowledge - BitShares

Before 2017, Bitcoin, the blockchain model, was not popular, let alone a new concept like DAO, let alone infrastructure like DAO. In 2014, Daniel Larimer, former CTO of Block.one, launched BitShares and used it on the public channel EOS.IO. These BitShares were implemented using the Ideal Free Financial System Bitcoin Extension Protocol, giving it a new name. A marketing tool for digital assets designed to allow everyone to trade. Simply put, BitShares is used to create more Bitcoin replicas. However, this design also shows an important role in future development. In the version 4.0 upgrade, the main developer of BitShares changed the voting rules without the consent of the community, causing widespread dissatisfaction in the community. It's centralized, but it's also a new law.

Dash, Digix and the most famous and sensational episode of The DAO are also available. At the time, DAO was praised by Buterin V. It was argued that only a full-platform smart contract from Turing could support autonomous organizations without the same impact on people. DAO is a provider of the complete Ethereum-based Turing platform, which has created an unprecedented number of crowds at once. All the orders are as follows, as the income is sealed in the Ethereum smart contract and the connected DAO tokens are received based on the income of the crowd. , and stakeholders have the right to invest in the project and to vote. of its administration. Wisdom draws conclusions better than experts or leaders, and first knows what is called "intelligence" and independence. At this point, the DAO governance model began to enter “public administration” rather than “politics” of the central system.

Unfortunately, DAO doesn't last long. Smart contract technology tricks hackers into stealing bare funds, resulting in death. Ethereum ultimately struggled to recover the loot, but the project failed to recover and quickly fell on the horizon after three months. This feeling of joy and sadness only indicates the lack of CAD technology, and sometimes the decision-making process is tied to money or products. , which makes it difficult for CAD manufacturers to collect long term costs and create additional value.

Next - long search

Wikipedia's adoption of autonomous organizations quickly ended with DAO in 2016, and in recent years development plans have not been developed or published. Obviously, in the four years since Dao, all industries like slow push-button decentralized autonomous organizations have gradually moved away from our oversight. However, in light of the current scrutiny, DAO continues to explore and develop bear markets without stopping during the peacetime periods of these years, which indicate uncertainty as to the state of the whole. the economy. In a mixture of confusion and desperation, it can be said that everything is lost sight of and all kinds of competition. On the basis of long-term dormancy, the performance of the public chain has become better and better, and can support the development of more DAO applications, laying the foundation for the "spring" reception of DAO.

Accumulation - Rebellion and new rules of the game

Summer 2020 DeFi has arrived, and it's also this year that we unveiled new features including DAO. By the way, when Baidu searches for DAOs, you will find that most of the contextual results focus on “What is DAO?” Which directly shows DAOs that have been developed for over ten years. . Levels of science and user education unknown and still popular. In the larger market context, DAO seemed to play a key role already at the time, like the MakerDAO protocol in DeFi, but in the heat everyone decided that this was an example for DeFi projects and ignored it. The importance of the DAO project.


As we move into the year 2021, signs of a DAO event are emerging. In March, the U.S. Senate Committee on Wyoming enacted the DAO, which would turn corporate responsibility into DAO, and the bill would come into effect in July. By the end of the year DAOs became more popular, Sequoia Capital once tweeted for "helping the brave build DAO legends, from ideas to token drops. LFG." In the Messari 2022 forecast report, DAO said this is an organizational model of human engagement and a type of business collaboration that seeks to work well. He pointed out that DAO is not only a community vote, but also a change in many aspects and future business models, and the development of DAO can be very demanding than NFT.

The DAO time for everything has arrived, and the popular DAO project has become a model. For example, in addition to DAO organizations that support the legal and development project, like OpenDAO, which was popularized in November 2022, Merge policy joint venture by 29,000 authors, and DAO capital, DAO media organizations such as LAO , Flanmingo, etc. DAO without bank, GCR, etc, DAO organization funding, Uniswap grant, Aave grant, etc, DAO organization list, etc.

Reviews show that with the rise of this DAO wave, the landing direction is more diverse and innovative, but the project inside the gameplay is still unique and similar, and can only be a step for another bubble. The good news is that more and more missions are starting to defend their rights with DAOs, or joining small armies to build capabilities they never anticipated, and are starting to benefit from their involvement. . The essence of the DAO crack is that more and more small manufacturers see innovation and change through the use of technology, more and more organizations and people are flocking into the design, and the new technologies such as cross-channel, virtual reality and personal use are available. , games, metaverse, NFT, and other technologies and industries can come together and continue to grow and develop. In short, as a product of the development of the blockchain industry at some level, the ultimate goal of DAO is to move towards full autonomy, collaboration and decentralization, and such research will take more time.


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