Micro Strategic Propaganda never sells Bitcoin! CEO: We are Hoddlers

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When Bitcoin fell 40% from its high of $69,000, Michael Saylor, CEO of US software company MicroStrategy, said yesterday (20) in an interview with "Bloomberg" that the company was not focusing enough about the largest cryptocurrency in the world. Billions of money bets are never withdrawn.

When asked in an interview if a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: MSTR), which has been trading Bitcoin since the beginning of last year, is willing to sell Bitcoin in the face of the market downturn that may appear in a not too distant future. Later, Saylor replied, "No, we will not sell. Our message is HODL for life and buying and holding only Bitcoin is our strategy."

MicroStrategy has been buying bitcoins since the beginning of last year, and according to data from MSTR, it bought a total of 53,922 bitcoins last year and held a total of 124,391 bitcoins, holding the most bitcoins of all bank records.

Many traders are increasingly looking to MSTR products as another direct Bitcoin investment target. It rose over 1,361% to $1,315, the highest price before the 9th of next year, and closed at $457.53 yesterday.

hold bitcoin to fight inflation

Saylor also said in an interview that he wouldn't be afraid of Bitcoin falling from its height at 40,000 varieties that still raised funds. In an expanding space, there is no better way to react than to turn your balance sheet into Bitcoin.

Saylor's decision to convert cash to Bitcoin in the face of an inflationary environment has become another way of sharing purchases or practices. Many traders have included Bitcoin in their company's balance sheets as a result. One of them is an electric car. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla.

According to data from Bitcointreasuries.net, which oversees bitcoin insurance businesses of publicly traded companies, the value of micro-core bitcoin holdings exceeds the market value of the business. As the listed company with the most bitcoins, it surpassed second-tier Tesla (with 43,200 BTC) and third-tier bitcoin miner Marathon Digital Holdings (currently with 8,133).

According to data from TradingViews, Bitcoin has fallen more than 40% since its high of $69,000 on November 10 and fell below the $39,000 level to $38,813 at press time. It has fallen 9.82% so far this week and nearly 16% so far in January.


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