NFT is surfing the metaverse to grow faster and cautiously in thinking.

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Even at the start of the new year, the popularity of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) continued. With the rise of domestic and international stars, artists and some internet "big companies", NFTs have temporarily become "politicians" in terms of investment. Don't believe it.NFT diversifies the value of reporting work.In terms of the continued use of technology, NFTs can connect the real world and digital world devices, and will become a new medium for the blockchain industry. However, it should be noted that NFTs that rely on blockchain technology have also been modified and used for estimation.

Experts are invited to present relevant policies as soon as possible, and it is important to guide the health of NFTs in the use of technology to an appropriate extent when preventing risks.

digital expression artwork

The famous, created by Jay Chou and his friends, recently announced the sale of the NFT Fantasy Bear project. Limited to 10,000 coins, discounted at 0.26 Ethereum, all sales per hour, with a total value of over 62 million yuan. Shortly after, the price of the Fantasy Bear NFT skyrocketed, shockingly enough that at one point the low price had increased more than 25 times.

With the influx of domestic and foreign stars, artists and some Internet "big companies", NFT has become "noble" in investment. But what is NFT?

According to the industry, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens in English, which means non-fungible tokens, i.e. non-fungible tokens. A token is an item that connects to a blockchain and collects data using smart contracts. The famous Bitcoin and Dogecoin are homogenized tokens, and although they are the same type, there is no difference between them. In fact, NFTs can vary in size like fingers, so they are inadequate.

"Through the notion of technological exclusion, NFTs can become a 'value-added technology' that enables everything, the bridge between the real world and digital assets, and NFTs will become a new medium for the blockchain industry. " Jianing, chairman of the Business Council, believes that when used correctly, these tools can solve many global problems.

NFT offers an easier way to check performance cost. NFTs are recorded on the blockchain's open list and can record the entire distribution process of the process, making it easy to track location and verify its authenticity. At the same time, NFTs have grown in many ways, as they more effectively present the benefits of their work to developers. Developers can attract customers directly and earn money through NFT, and the platform engages with partners without having to sell through the platform.

Linkin Park director Mike Shinoda released his single NFT for the competition. NFT Gaming NBA Top Shot sells NBA-themed digital trading cards, turning great NBA gaming moments into digital collections you'll have forever. Draw images that cannot be displayed in NFT format.

NFTs can affect any business in the real world and are particularly suited to the uniqueness of art. Along with promotion, documenting the rich artifacts of art makes it more meaningful and diverse. Art is more than static work, it can be a buzzword in a relationship, and a lot of things like "design difference" can be sold. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's first tweet, "Just put me on Twitter" was announced on NFT and auctioned off to the public.

Pay close attention to notions and hype that lead to the development of new technologies.

The output of the technology is bad, it belongs to "compatriots" with virtual currency, but there is no "old flaw" in NFT.

The widespread acceptance of NFT capital research is that they originated from Ethereum's 2017 pixel avatar project called CryptoPunks. The total number of pixel avatars is limited to 10,000 and no character can be identical. It didn't take long for the Cryptocat blockchain game to become popular. What impresses former cryptocurrency investor Liu Peng is that the market at the time was mad with interest in “cats.” Every virtual pet chat is different, Liu Peng said, and customers with more than one chat can get a new one, with less expensive features. A virtual pet cat that once sold for millions of yuan. However, when the gambling bubble burst, prices fell rapidly and the game as a whole gradually faded from view. Some hot NFT games can now end the same as the "Raise a Cat" game.

According to journalistic research, a significant number of NFT advertising projects are not transparent, and the initial publicity is very low. Nearly 4 million yuan. Few entrepreneurs seem to want to know who is participating in the project, where to register and what to contact. When the money is high, the project host can run out at any time, and the crowd goes nowhere. Additionally, many NFT operations require the integration of virtual resources, and under existing national policies, there is a high risk of being scammed by the tactile "tension line".

It should be noted that the NFT hype brought Metaverse Express and made a new round. In some fantasy scenes created by the metaverse, virtual earth, house, etc. has become a so-called rare layer of capital. They are identified as NFTs, exaggerated as specialized and subject to speculation. Data shows that some of the biggest metaverse projects generated $106 million in virtual land sales. The value of virtual lands was recently reduced by $4.3 million, further exacerbating human perception.

Such hype is a bit irrational if ideas, procedures, etc. of the metaverse are unclear. Xing Jie, author of the 'Metaverse Token', said, "The Metaverse first made sense in the capital city of Korea, and the reason why the idea succeeded was because of the 'rich' benefits. “The metaverse platform still exists and has to go through a collision process.

By promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, we expand the potential for using the latest technologies.

What is the Metaverse? Is it a continuation of reality in the game, or is it just a dream?

Now, there are a lot of considerations for the metaverse concept. "It is an extension of the longevity of human life and understanding." According to Shen Yang, director of the Center for New Media Research at Tsinghua University, Metaverse enables a wide range of user-specific content creation and global editing. He will choose the freedom of people at the level of the body. For example, beyond the control of time and space in the real world, people can jump higher and run faster.

In the early stages of the metaverse, there is no need to acknowledge or deny, and the key must be taken by the "leader". At least for now, the metaverse hype or the idea of ​​borrowing land and inadequate housing is wrong.

Yu Jianing said that the cause of the hype and chaos is, on the one hand, the improvement of the metaverse is at an early stage, the development of the industry is not the norm, and the development process that there must be chaos. ; Meanwhile, unrealistic propaganda that artificially inflates asset values ​​through market manipulation after investment inflows.

Behaviors to understand the differences can dispel speculation and expansion and allow people to try to create real-world events and characters in the game world.The development of advanced technology has brought people closer to the virtual world on a level never seen before. There is also a bridge between the real world and the virtual world built with blockchain technology. People enjoy the joy the spirit world brings, but the spirit world can be connected to the real world. Such a metaverse is necessary.

Yu Jianing said Metaverse is a milestone in digital development, a new place to take community businesses to the next level.

in the same way,Guess and guess decoupled NFTs can also make a big difference if you're tech-savvy.Especially in the field of intelligence. It can represent art, music, patents, movies, photos, etc. and help "protect" any special product. It is used for credentials and proof of identity such as self-assessment, driver's license and education history, and is stored securely in digital form to prevent misuse or fraud. tickets, etc.

Experts say government agencies can continue to support the status of NFTs by taking the lead in implementing new technologies such as NFTs and getting communities to better understand and recognize the simple vision of technology production for example. . It recognizes the benefits that good money brings to bad money and makes it a place of reflection. Metaverse expects new developments to flourish based on patience and understanding new things as well as criminal justice. ~


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