Is NFT Digital Artwork another "Bitcoin"?

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With the continued emergence of NFT (Non-Fungible Token, Non-Fungible Warts) charts, people are seeing new markets due to the digitization of blockchain artwork. But at the same time, all the discussions took place and there was no consensus. Among them are not only concerns about the ability to capitalize on the use of art as gimmicks, but also praise for the support of creative and successful artists.

NFT currently mainly focuses on games, drawing art, card writing, etc., and is mainly used as online payment code skins, etc., but the industry's attention and marketing energy are no less than before. "Sharing the market" as the industrial model innovation manager. According to the industry report in 2021, the NFT market volume exceeded $340 million, with NBA TopShot receiving the largest volume with the volume exceeding $225 million.

People are describing NFTs as a new kind of e-money as digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are getting more attention. However, from the perspective of NFT work marketing, NFT work is a digital encrypted device with strong self-assembly, and since all NFTs are not equal in cost, NFT activities are also called the diversity of benefits of the digital generation. .

However, in the artist's view, NFT functions are basically a function of the scanning process, but in the scanning process, blockchain encryption creates a does not change the code authentication tools, so blockchain encryption is first. Non-counterfeit numbers have given rise to uniqueness and are becoming less common as commercial commodities, which is the main reason why they can be traded.

From this point of view, the concept of tokens is truly amazing and NFT artwork is a reliable proof of belonging that shows the flaws of tokens. It is important to keep in mind that since legal persons and membership-based businesses must meet the legal and business relationship of ownership certificate and employment rules.

In law, it is first necessary to clarify the relationship between law and membership of a profession. In most cases, the law (or jurisdiction) is the law of nature created by the employer, including the right of consent, the right to modify, and the right to use derivative material. Ownership of art supplies includes the right to own, use, and distribute income for the artist's work. Since digital art is the name of art, the above terms of the rules also apply, as it can be considered a description of art, with or without art images.

Based on this understanding, the author believes that digitization is just one form of expression of different media. . . . The so-called ownership of the NFT digital artwork refers to the person who owns the digital artwork digitally, which includes the right to search and interest, resell ownership and transfer it to another person, but does not include adherence to artistic forms and practices. Derivative Use of Artwork. This is why the ownership of NFT digital activities does not directly affect the content of operations. Due to the unique nature of the brand that cannot be associated, membership has the potential to create market value.

From a business point of view, it is necessary to understand the distribution of profits through the separation of members of digital NFT operations and the rules of operation. The author believes that the primary focus of NFT digital operations is digital operations, including digital operations created by digitizing physical devices through the use of technology and then embedded on the Internet, and new digital services, first of many digital products to be released. . . . However, this type of digital artwork lacks originality in terms of market value, is less difficult to obtain, and is less difficult to protect against change and income, so the market demand is very narrow and that its commercial value is unlikely to be available. In general, it is a way to promote the offline operation of physical devices.

However, the most important milestone of NFT graphics is blockchain encrypted connectivity and the emergence of self-authentication, recognition on the network and the inability to create business advantages as a whole, for example, to excluding NFT digital products. As a result, digital art has gained market share through new technologies. In addition, during the digital economy, people will also be affected by their stakes in the digital economy, and will be part of the members of the digital industry as a whole, such as the left and right eyes of the portrait work. . Although the industry tends to encourage job creation, support for the commitment to the NFTisation of employment will be stronger. Therefore, in the era of creating NFT-based works, the smell of wine is really scary deep down!

In extreme cases, any group that can be digitized can be NFT, even if the digital product is worthless, such as graphics or a few rude words. Clearly, the commercial cost of copyrighting digital artworks is lower than the commercial cost of owning cryptographic devices. Indeed, brand ownership is a prerequisite for NFT business.

With the technology of NFT digital artwork craze, people from all walks of life need to be patient. As a consumer, everyone should maintain appropriate behavior, exercise caution in trading, and avoid misinterpreting NFTs as a new form of “digital currency” or the resurgence of positive returns on Bitcoin. Store. For technology developers and graphic designers, digital NFT operations are the result of the blockchain technology industry. Of course, its production itself was very profitable, but how to create it at the technical level? There is still a long way to go to develop, how to improve art genetics in art and risk warning can achieve the goal of a profitable business. For regulators, it is necessary to have supportive management and adhere to key design concepts, while developing a care plan to promote health, clean digital NFT graphics, and eliminate the impact of large-scale marketing. movement.


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