YouTuber measures Bitcoin using data from many countries

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A YouTuber started walking in September to see if he could survive with Bitcoin as a payment method, traveling to 40 countries.

In an interview with Cointelegraph on Monday, YouTuber Paco De La India (“Paco of India”) said that the spread of the Omicron variant has changed their travel plans a bit, but they are also amazed at the volume of cryptocurrencies. How many people accept Bitcoin in countries in the gray legal or regulatory zone? Paco, who started filming in the Indian city of Bangalore, sold his product in September 2021 and relied heavily on BTC donations to fund his travels. So far I have been to India, UAE, Thailand and Cambodia.

The YouTuber said he prefers using non-custodial and Lightning wallets for Bitcoin exchanges. History plans to visit 40 countries every 10 days, times have changed due to COVID-19. Paco grapples with the need for exclusion, the need in many countries for tourists to stay within their borders for at least 14 days, and the added value of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) type testing.

According to Paco, the couple who was diagnosed with coronavirus in India refused to accept bitcoin by legal rupees in UAE. They are also considering a trip to Cambodia for PCR tests with Thai surgeons. The YouTuber explained that he received the payment in cryptocurrency, in part because the police were more willing to check the vaccination certificate than test for coronavirus.

"It's just a document," Paco said. "It's just a document that couldn't be identified. All we're testing right now is a vaccine." . "

Although many countries have announced their intention to use blockchain technology to identify the true benefits of the coronavirus, it has yet to emerge as an international standard to recognize the benefits tried by immigration authorities abroad. . For example, travelers to the United States must take a coronavirus test as soon as possible within 24 hours of arrival, but not all health-approved passports by American jets confirming QR numbers provided by inspection agencies foreign.

Coronavirus testing aside, Paco has often said he can survive with bitcoin as the default payment method and not as a cryptocurrency for dissident parties. According to YouTuber, he was forced to avoid most public transport in four countries and use a debit card to get his bike back.

"Thailand is a very good friend," Paco said. The UAE is like that, but I think it's somewhere in the middle of the richest people. "

He added:

“I change my thinking a lot. I go from talking to adults who have been through their lives to finding really smart young people. They want to know more about Bitcoin. It still is. “They want to earn silver. People use it. Bitcoin is a tool for making money."

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