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方舟女股神:比特币是全球首个私有数字货币 以规则为基础

The International Conference on Financial Management was held on January 16. As Cathie Wood attended a conference on new forms of business and finance in global integration, Bitcoin (BTC) was the world's first private company, the rules are legal and may not be in some countries .

Estimation of the polarized behavior of the intergovernmental BTC

Wood said he expects new trade on BTC to polarize, with a major move to restrict or accommodate BTC. Wood cites El Salvador and Turkey as examples, the former requires no further explanation, such as bitcoin legalization, contracts, and the formation of bitcoin city. , USDT trading volume has surged, indicating that these governments are facing a financial crisis.

Wood further argued that he believes the government's attitude towards BTC should be to restrict BTC in general. The whole crypto industry and miners are also burning out. In other countries, however, it is not necessary, and governments may say they do not have the power to reduce noise.

Global trade has seen tremendous economic activity

Considering the current market situation, Wood predicted that the industry will introduce V-like in 2022. Currently, the world is going through a major Great Depression risk. Or if he will lose everything (shows financial loss). Wood pointed out that the global economy still has a way to avoid excessive trade because the commodity market is now stronger than it was during the last crisis.

Wood, taking the United States as an example, noted that the material was a third of the total material, that is, at the time of the epidemic, because the door was locked in the house. Americans spend a lot of money, the percentage of goods sold is close to 10-12. more before the spread. % high. Consumers today should strive to shift from products to services to ensure that members of the supply chain such as suppliers and manufacturers cannot meet consumer needs by using more equipment.

Insufficient material can be solved in the next six months, and it can survive with high cost.

As mentioned earlier, Keshwood does not see a resurgence of dot-com bubbles in the current market. Because it has already been applied to tech companies (and businesses), not at the strategic level. Moreover, today's investors know how to invest in network marketing, risk management and avoid wasting money easily.

Wood believes that over the next three to six months, shortages will be resolved and consumer demand for growth will be sluggish, and the future can only be bright with perseverance. In particular, Wood pointed out that a project with 14 technologies and 5 new development sites would be enough to create positive results, and investment strategies have always been tried and tested in about 5 days over the next 10 years.

The five areas are:

1. DNA sequencing (due to viral infection)

2. Robotics

3. Or more

4. Artificial intelligence

5. Blockchain technology


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