The P2E industry will be a platform for games.

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The management of players in the game is essential.

However, sports advertisers have always looked for the value of the company in terms of the value of player value and health. They can do this because they have end-to-end ownership and control over game development, distribution and management.

A good example is Electronic Arts (EA), a sports company that has played a negative role in the gaming community, valuing its microtransaction monetization model beyond the audience's gaming experience.

In 2017, EA released Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and players had to play for 40 hours to unlock a character like Darth Vader, or pay to activate. The company's response to the move has been dubbed "the most controversial word in Reddit history", sparking frustration among advertisers and gamers.

About 30% of the company's revenue comes from the sale of the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) loot box, and the company's public information indicates that the company played a key role in stopping the microtransaction. . EA Requests: "Until FUT"," FUT is the foundation and we are committed to pushing players into FUT. "

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

EA's Reddit Response - Worst Reddit Post

The main vision of Play to Earn (P2E) is to solve these problems by providing real players with assets in the game and the world around them, thus creating a safer and more productive community.

Compared to the current 30-day hold rate for global games at 3%, we see first-hand the best P2E ecosystem. Axie Infinity ended early with 40% ownership of D0-D90.

Problems with Web2.5 games

With the success of Axie Infinity, we see a new number of peer-to-peer ecosystems trying to repeat the success. However, the focus of multiple projects is to control the midpoint and integrate the game's end-to-end design so that it can repeat the same impact seen in games that are still available.

These 2.5 gaming sites are designed to take advantage of "capable cryptocurrencies" by leveraging digital assets via NFT or financial industry partnerships copying the ERC-20, but at the same time aim to limit integration and integration of other cryptographic devices. by membership. . To do. like management.

Typically, the team supporting Web 2.5 games wants to create a nice, closed interface where the entire player experience is managed by one organization. While these campaigns consider themselves "game first", they also optimize web 2 development metrics and offer the same cost-effectiveness as game advertisers.

Similar to CeDeFi, this game seeks to establish a closed-loop centralized control ecosystem on top of an encrypted network that is inherently open and authoritative.

We don't expect all P2E ecosystems to be decentralized from scratch and we expect Axie Infinity to go through a process of gradual decentralization, but web 2.5 game development trends are driven by composability , interoperability and the power of decentralized coordination technologies.

1kx team point of view

We believe that Web 3 games can outperform Web 2 and Web 2.5 games as they aim for community membership, real value, and local integration to drive more gamers to adoption and ownership. We believe that Web2.5 as a means of building a peer-to-peer ecosystem is not enough to protect communities from cost isolation. Indeed, it depends on the person involved in the development and management of the company and the last of the participants.

Instead, we need to think of the P2E ecosystem as an open public space. For this reason, all kinds of commercial and environmental sports games are created in an open environment.

Promoting tokens and community membership allows us to share the role of grassroots publishers, members, and guilds that drive development, innovation, products, and management globally. By expanding these responsibilities, we can leverage the open participation of everyone online, not relying on a single company to achieve the goals of the entire ecosystem.

We don't see P2E as a standalone game or "app", but as a peer-to-peer collaboration to build self-promotion in the national market, which community members can trust, unite, own and create.

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

As the economy is generally governed by the state

The peer-to-peer dynamic around gaming has led to a new level of importance due to the current market. This industry is not just a place where members of the community participate, but a world of lucrative financial income, enterprise, and ownership of digital-related assets, including specific tasks and responsibilities.

We can consider P2E as a virtual country. Citizens will want to live in the most independent country with the best weather (sports, work, relationships, culture). For this virtual business to retain its members in the community, it must be fair and transparent in decisions that have significant financial implications for the public, such as:

Economic policy: assets at stake, measurement mechanism, etc.

Monetization: cost reporting mechanisms, cost analysis, etc.

Vault: For example, what community projects should be funded?

Intellectual property: How, for example, should ecosystem intellectual property be licensed?

We believe community economics will lead to better governance, “better life” for community members, GDP and financial security than consumption growth. . As a result, you can better retain and attract people to the community, including ensuring safer business management (public facilities and sink systems) by making decisions that benefit the majority of community members.

The virtual country paradigm has become real as we spend more and more time in virtual space and are able to bring ourselves, friends and treasures with us as we move from virtual world to another world in another place.

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

Enjoy market benefits as a community distribution platform for an open source ecosystem of developers and developers

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

Unlike web 2 games, where data is stored on a base database, peer-to-peer operations can function as an open and interactive SDK platform that allows users to create participants without permission. This allows us to see the industry as a process of the emergence of other community activities and experiences. Each game is a new user channel for the ecosystem and another driver of existing community engagement.

By doing so, we're giving developers the ability to create games from scratch and deliver them to strong communities.

In the Axie Infinity ecosystem, this would look like a new financial mini-game that would support some of the Axie ecosystem goals, such as: Real-time token rewards tied to completion rate. By designing in an open space instead of relying on a team, the sport can broaden product visibility and create more marketable products in research and construction. .

This ecosystem approach can be applied to all areas of P2E ecosystem functioning, from community development to global design and cognitive awareness (think community thinking or other gear, where monetization is generally prohibited) . Community capital can be generated by large community financial systems, such as secondary finance, or by actors capable of managing certain roles and responsibilities, for example as an Axie P2E Scholarship Guild pilot distributes.

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

We believe that collaboration will be an important driver of global distribution as players gain control and mobility. The opening and sharing of these industries, sports and the world, more creative can be created by experimenting and collaborating without permission to expand the side above the funnel of the P2E ecosystem. We believe that collaboration can happen in different ways, rather than being "sword from game to game".

Results and visual effects (VRM avatars, cross-world visual features, etc.)

Global player interactions (the power of the machine which is the common pattern of FPS games, the legacy that governs global justice, such as makers who need more water in the world the same way)

Trade (allows users to buy and sell assets using other game tokens, or use tokens from other games/worlds to get discounts)

Reputation (an international certificate)

Achievement (complete bonuses in games X and Y to unlock characters)

Industrial sinks and faucets (destroy Legacy X and Y together to create unique skin/cosmetics)

IP (See the knowledge and role of the P2E world in another virtual world)

Access (game elements allowing access to virtual space in multiple worlds)

We believe the cost of the time it takes to not build a partnership will affect the cost of doing so.

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

Work as sink and faucet to earn money

Economic sustainability and growth occur when the cost of entering the system is greater than the cost of leaving the system. In game development, the processes that affect the flow of value in the industry are the sinks and the taps.

Pits lock in industry assets (such as SLP burn costs raised by Axie. Breeders are often encouraged to build stronger teams and earn more money). ).

Faucets inject legacy into the industry (like SLP by completing a mission or battle).

For the security to work, the sink must carry more tokens to the market than the faucet that carries the tokens to the system.

An example of a future token sync is the introduction of a vertically integrated change for Axie physical locations to integrate with SLP. It doesn't matter if it's a cosmetic renovation or a minor modification. At the moment, the only game the SLP pit relies on is production gear that Axies can combine to create new Axies, but the quality and visibility of all Axies remains the same.

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

Synchronization of vertical integration tokens

As we work on financial security, we can expect to see these changes in other P2E games. You can expect a community of crowdfunding players and other experienced players, connecting them to the sports industry with new sinks or faucets for more reliability.

We will also see other virtual countries sharing pools or faucets from other industries in their specialty to help other P2E ecosystems facing the not stable industry.

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

Stand out for the minimum clearance

We believe that the largest P2E ecosystem of the future will seem small and rudimentary at first glance.

By defining the P2E industry as the industry and social layer of the entire gaming ecosystem, we argue that creating a P2E ecosystem has nothing to do with gaming, although the interaction with the building, culture and global incentives established for the business base.

While we agree that a well developed game will get and keep the best players in the long run, we don't think it will take a very good game from start to finish, but we do think it needs a game. which is good enough to complete a business. Actionable Games (MVG) at the best price.

One of the strengths of Crypto is that it allows token trading to start immediately from day zero and establishes a minimum profit of the accumulated market value long before the last known player trade. It compares to a waterfall improving the way out of the ground through natural activity.

Here's how to start the game at least:

Create a world where others want to participate (game design, experience, beauty/vision, storytelling, in-game house design)

Provide global community membership (to tokenize future NFT-based game assets and distribute them to early community members and potential players)

Token launch for community and ecosystem improvement

The community raises funds in a shared house.

The community started the game with minimal tokens.

At the very least, the game removes the tokens from the device (this should be driven by the interactive world of the game in which players are encouraged to use, for example, players must believe that fire tokens are appropriate)

Businesses benefit more when tokens are removed from the device.

The prize is a return on investment in the game.

Create better games and Token Sync

Repeat steps 7-9.

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

We believe that by completing a viable economic cycle early on, the P2E ecosystem can create games more efficiently and reproducibly at lower cost.

Axie Infinity perfectly embodies the concept of a small game that can be used as the first major upgrade before birth and battle.

December 2017: Beginning of strategies and improvements

February 2018: 900 ETH History Axie raised (~$720,000)

May 2018: release of the game Breathing (tap show)

October 2018: Release of Battle Games (show sink)

January 2019: Start of land sales at 3200 ETH (~$400,000)

December 2019: Battle Card Released

May 2020: 1Q real estate sale completed for 4600 ETH (~$1,000,000)

November 2020: Best AXS Token Sale ($860,000)

April 2021: Ronin channel migration

September 2021: AXS Token Promise

Although the game has over 2.5 million daily users, Axie Infinity's tutorial is still unfinished. Axie Infinity's continued development in community development shows that it will use MVG to grow its virtual reality business.

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

Develop a P2E ecosystem with a community approach

Based on our experience in developing token networks, we believe that the most efficient and robust P2E ecosystem will contribute to the gaming community and culture.

We believe that creating a better world, creating culture and promoting are key issues in building a thriving P2E industry.

Create the world: "Let's create the world together."

The development of global integration in early P2E communities in minimalist game models has become an important driver of collaboration. Therefore, we expect more and more P2E ecosystems to take a content-centric approach (e.g. Loot, Treasure, CryptoManga). We can expect early adopters of the P2E ecosystem to be like savvy people working with communities to create a global D&D world, especially when the game isn't planned or created at the time.

An example of this is loot. Dozens of developers want to integrate, and the new features of text-based NFTs see the potential for new digital businesses they can create together. Over the next few months, 86 community activities appeared to expand Loot's capabilities, including new gear, tools, and guilds for product, map locations, lore, and visual effects.

It does not currently have any players focused on the world of design tools, but hopes for further development in the years to come. As people move from developers to content managers, I think AI technology will play an important role. We see global development as a partnership that empowers the community of talented people and other stakeholders before the game even begins.

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

Create culture: "Come to culture, live there."

People enter the community because they agree with the community culture and stay in the community because they become the masters of the community. Culture can be strengthened by being fair to the principles of values ​​and the principles that motivate others to practice. It is a cohesive community, so it is important to manage the space of the home community.

While metrics are always about "the number of players in a game", I think the P2E ecosystem should focus on "who are the players and who are the contributors". Therefore, we want to encourage the P2E ecosystem to carefully select early community members and participants. This can be accomplished through free membership and other measures such as restricting participation through a faith pledge or donation.

"At first it was very important. A lot of people in the community were 'full' and wanted Axie to succeed. Now NFT community members are also impacting the 'VC effect'. 'D' having too many eggs. Basket, one. "I didn't pay too much for the project. There is no time difference. Moreover, the huge demand created the need for lottery and other public protections, which did not meet the demand of the providers. . "- Jiho (Axie Infinite)

With such a culture, teams can make the most of the fact that the growth of P2E games can reach their communities. Valuable players can unite the world to disrupt their business and help build buy-in. .

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

Axi Infinity Discord

Incentive Design: “Gifts for benefactors”

A culture will begin to attract community members and participants, but it will only continue if the work is productive and member understanding is strong.

P2E 经济将成为游戏的基础层协议

The image "The enigma of the community"

When creating a distribution of in-game assets and sharing business benefits, game studios must ensure that their community members and participants benefit from their work and passion. As this comment is repeated, trust, fairness and anger grow.

We believe that token support is a scarce resource that should be carefully considered and distributed to the most valuable people in the community. We would like to see more experiments with token ownership and the in-game asset distribution model. For example:

Only guilds of a certain size or "XP" group can purchase assets such as virtual land.

Some in-game paint products can only be obtained by performing rigorous testing to gain in-depth knowledge of the game.

Completing quests (in-game or other community income) is a great way to whitelist unique and specialized items which are "cards" that represent the reputation of the players who obtain them.

We believe that P2E games should be careful when designing game-based support models. In doing so, they risk paying members to mercenaries who will jump from game to game in search of more revenue. high (similar to farmers (fields benefit from farming to farming in the DeFi protocol). We believe that incentives should be created to create a peer-to-peer business model focused on holding honest memberships rather than to be used to drive customer acquisition.


We believe the best P2E game can start with building a great culture, community, and business, not flashy graphics and big bucks.

I'm just beginning to understand how to build in an open space. Our goal at 1kx is to become the ultimate resource for developers looking to build their next big project to support the ecosystem.

If you create something new in this space, I'd love to discuss~

"If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go further, go together."


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