DingTalk will soon launch new AR glasses to speed up the metaverse landing.

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DingTalk launched Solution 2.0 on January 5th. At the 2022 Manufacturing DingTalk Summit, DingTalk Chairman Ye-Jun said that it is necessary to "create the digital world and the manufacturing body at the same time".

钉钉近期将推出新AR眼镜 加快落地元宇宙

Yejun said one of Dingding's tasks is to improve online and offline business at the same time. "I believe that the true digital exchange should not be limited to the metaverse. The market, visual data, etc. will change, and the supply chain industry will be affected. Digital will change all that. It is more important than the idea of ​​the metaverse., DingTalk Connecting dots, especially in the works, is not a distant dream, but something we can see and land on.”

In an interview with reporters at the conference, Yejun said that AR glasses with self-correcting lenses will be available soon. It's a metaverse concept. "

Regarding the recent popular metaverse, Yejun said that there are two important ways to cut the metaverse, one from the perspective of social networking sites such as Facebook, which recently changed the name to meta, and somewhere else if everyone was different. The two forms that feel the strongest on the concept of

It can be seen that Ding Ding is beginning to enter the metaverse world through the hybrid desktop concept.

In October at the Alibaba 2021 Yunqi meeting. Tan Ping, Director of XR Lab at Alibaba Dharma Academy, spoke on "Metaverse: Next Generation Internet". In a speech, Tan Ping said, "The metaverse is everywhere on the Internet through VR/AR glasses. AR/VR glasses are the next-generation mobile computing platform that will soon be popular, and Metaverse is the Internet activity of internet marketing, presented through this new platform."

钉钉近期将推出新AR眼镜 加快落地元宇宙

The development of the metaverse is inextricably linked to supporting devices. In fact, Ding Ding has long been involved in the augmented reality and virtual reality industry, which has received more attention due to the popularity of the metaverse concept.

For example, in 2020, DingTok released the first commercial Nreal Light AR glasses with built-in DingTok sharing space, and developed the first AR video conferencing collaboration platform: the immersive virtual interview table.

In the global spread of 2020, online chat and remote onboarding have become the mainstay of the workplace. However, online video chat or work sharing is far from satisfactory. Although telephone and telephone calls meet the communication requirements, they are still unable to transmit communication data in many places. Because workers live in different environments and places, communication is slow and work efficiency is reduced. However, AR technology can instantly create virtual desktops for users and connect workers across multiple online sites to complete site expansion. Moreover, AR meets the needs of data sharing and transmission and is well suited to work in real-life situations, such as monitoring, processing, and construction.

钉钉近期将推出新AR眼镜 加快落地元宇宙

Other topics include manufacturing, education, medical and distance education, supervisory counseling, hands-on training, telephone conversations, and more. requires long-term cooperation. AR glasses are very important and can provide beautiful images for the first time, so you can collaborate with professionals away from intensive video calls and work on location. In the future, it will connect to specialized enterprise sharing platforms and databases to offer users more collaboration and content.

In the wake of the outbreak, offline office applications have posed major challenges, but online offices are potentially timeless. The next phase of AR is the completion of online applications in the DingTalk ecosystem desktop.

Last year, Alibaba increased its investment in the AR industry, investing at least $1 billion in AR and VR-related startups, including US start-up Magic Leap. Dingding's decision shows Ali's desire to rise to the occasion, and while VR/AR hardware companies such as ByteDance and Tencent face a backlash, the Metaverse-developed deal is a continuation of the internet.


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