DeFi2.0's “Work Agent” could be a key figure in the war of curves.

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In the last article, "DeFi 2.0 is just beginning. The first 'fight' centers around curve liquidity," veCrv said it could be completed on CVX.And veCrv is finally hereManagement votes to determine which curve pools will be split on CRV based on the value of the prize.

Many new stablecoins have started competing for veCrv for the Depths of the Pool, trying to attract more trade items with a variety of rewards.

As a vertical CRV regulator, the CVX releases fluid via veCrv, while the vlCVX is encoded by the eligible CVX voter.CVX control is equivalent to using vlCVX and controlling veCRV with vlCVX in disguise..

As a result, CLC has become a battleground for stable professionals in the industry and an essential tool in the global war.Identify other players who participated in the war this time.

frax century faucet

After the failure of pure algorithmic securities, Frax, ESD and BAS, the leaders of the “stable money lending algorithm party”, are known to everyone.

In the past, not everyone took it seriously, and finally some lending, but as the value of the announcement of USDC-backed FRAX stability gradually declined,The share of local FXS currencies is slowly increasing, and the risk of the whole system is also increasing.. Then everyone saw that Luna and UST, which are unreliable, have successfully promoted.

Soon after Curve Wars started, everyone knew that.It looks like Frax can do it, but where's the power?

The introduction of veFXS, lock, control and speed while forging CRV gameplay is also a good example.

USDC in 3rd party securities is not an idle DEX such as AAVE, Compound, etc. makes money here and there. Where is the budget?Buy a variety of high value products. Estimate who has the most (over 50%). VLCVX!

Co-cvx, CVX's second contractor, the principal of CVX is a curve and the second is frax. From now on, veFXS can also release middleware and features like veCrv.

living rice cake

Mochi is a memory project. The problem is:

Mochi is similar to MKR (MakerDao), but in MKR, ETH is only oversized by providing DAI.ERC20 multiple loans to issue USDM securities like Uni, AAVE, Compound etc..

That's okay, but the problem is that he can generate USDM using his managed token, Mochi, as a loan. And the mochi is in the hands of the company. Thus, Operation Darkbox was born.

The company generates a large amount of stablecoin USDM by guaranteeing a large amount of bread.Then move to USDM / hanging pools to change various bears. .

Time to get away? No, the game is not over. Since USDM/DAI is a new version of Curve with protection, it doesn't have much volume, not enough depth and few DAI changes, so it will work more. following:

businessThe DAI exchange will be used to buy the bulk of CVX, secured in vlCVX, and then vote to increase the payout of the USDM pool., and so many people come to this lake for the best gifts, and the income is increasing rapidly.

So the company made more USDM by using more mochi for more DAI.

AC can no longer see it and stream directly to the Curve.

Curve Thunder means that the decision in the middle directly closes the USDM pool.

After that, there was a lot of discussion on Twitter.

The reasons for the warm-up discussion are as follows:

1. Because the company's gameplay isn't quite that smart.Even if someone else's shell is worth “the coins”.

2. The path of the curve is slightly decentralized. While the DAO has the power to repair USDM pools, it also has special visibility when it directly closes the pool.What do you think of these practices?

Dopex innovator

If there is one project that can fuel the whole curve war, it is undoubtedly Dpoex.... vegetable

Although the project itself has many new developments, including a dual token model,Uniswap as pool, Chainlink based on cost and volatility, and UMA protocol as inventoryIn depth TVL and ETH options are pretty good now, friends who like sports options can visit them.

Of course, none of these are important, or not, not so much in the war of curves.What matters is what Dopex did in the first quarter of 2022..

What if we told you which side could predict the next Curve War?

When you can predict the change in the APR of each stable pool;

I want to open the "safe set" when I trusted that the 2 mission will be reduced next week.

Spend money related to curfe war to open the car.

If you need a proxy policy (veDPX) for some of the above.

This is what DPX will do in the first quarter of 2022."drifts" the entire Curve War by choice, leverage and pattern 5,Like the endless nest of dolls. ~

Btrfly's final process

Btrfly could be the last of the Curve War puppets.What model are you using? Ohm (3, 3),This probably means that everyone gets into the stake and the contract and there is no sale.The easy thing to understand is that you don't sell, and I don't sell anything. We all have a future.

Of course, like the Forks of OHMs, he started raising $ 70 million in CLC and OHM, then threw the money out of the warehouse. CVX invests $ 25 million in CVXCRV / CRV. Liquidity Mining, 30 million CVX to Votium (vlCVX 'electoral bribe' platform) carried out bribes.That's $ 4 million a month for both..

So what does the availability of Btrfly mean?

From an investment point of view,You can figure it out with CRV and CVX for a long time., after all, he has a lot of both assets in finance.

From a performance standpoint, exchanging Btrfly contracts would be more beneficial for the lazy to vote with CRV and CVX at hand..


if we thinkThe OHM is a service oriented organization. Btrfly is a provider of voting services.. Due to space constraints, there is no way to describe each item.

However, we recommend that you fill in the additional information yourself, with or without luck.Discover the mechanisms of this project. After all, this is the true masterpiece of DeFi 2.0.It also means that interest rates on income rise, and this is the most important factor in financial assets.

When it comes to liquidity, Token is also worth listening to.Tokemak should wear the entire item to describe itself in detail., so I haven't listed it here, but it's more important than the above.

The next step in the war curve is the war curve,And Liquidity's C bit is Token, not Curve..


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