Ray Dalio: Choosing between Gold and Bitcoin, he said, "There is a wave of NFTs wanting to buy NFTs."

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Ray Dalio recently accepted this when responding to investors who share 1-2% of their investment in Bitcoin. And before that, it was revealed that he had bitcoin.

He also wants to buy NFTs and says the NFT wave will come. This is a big change for anyone who wants to buy but doesn't have it yet, but chooses gold between bitcoin and gold.

After all, what he has said several times before is "Bitcoin will finally be killed if it succeeds ..."

He thinks Bitcoin is very volatile, so it has nothing to do with what you want to buy, and it doesn't protect your purchasing power. It's Bitcoin don't believe. He later admitted that he misunderstood bitcoin and had a bit of bitcoin.

Founded Bridgewater after being fired for vandalism

Dalio was born in 1949 to a middle class family on Long Island, the only daughter.

The American economy in the 1960s made up 40% of the world economy, and overall, everyone was optimistic about the future. Dalio was young at the time.

Back then, a lot of people were talking about the stock market, and he used his shopping cart money to invest in commodities and bought Northeast Airlines as his first investment. Buying commercial products is easy. These items alone are under $ 5.

Then when he got Northeast Airlines he got the money and thought it was easy to make money in the stores. He fears boredom and harmony more than failure. But at the time, he was happy to roam the stock market and make money, unaware that trouble was brewing.

Dalio believes the stock market will rebound from a record low in 1966 and will continue to buy even if the market goes down. Until you know that stock prices have affected people's expectations, earnings will be better than you expected and will rise and fall again. This lesson did not affect his life.

瑞·达利欧:在比特币和黄金之间选黄金的他说 “想买入NFT NFT浪潮正在到来”

Ray Dalio

He studied finance in college, loved business and presented product marketing. He later worked briefly as a stock trader. During this time, he raised awareness by learning about the market impact of past investment policies and procedures.

He was also the company's product manager for a while, but failed. He then joined Shearson & Company, where he worked on the defense of futures contracts, including futures and financial futures.

But at an annual meeting, he hired a stripper to take off his shirt while speaking, slapped his boss in the face, and fired. But the people with him liked it, so he started Bridgewater.

In fact Bridgewater is in the process of restarting. He left his company at Harvard Business School while doing business with friends under the name Bridgewater.

After many battles and changes, Bridgewater has finally become the world's premier defense company.

Dalio often monitors business transactions, operates from his own unit, and teaches users how to manage business risk. In addition, he runs his own business.

However, he began to use the model to understand the relationship between various products, such as the relationship between livestock and feed, and to estimate how much meat will be sold in the future. Through continuous improvement and market analysis, it standardizes decisions by inserting the causality principle integrated into complex systems into computers.

However, he lost $ 100,000 from his "Clear Win" bet. That's almost all the savings. It made her realize that nothing was true and changed her behavior.

The user communicates with him by phone, and he finds it less useful and easier for others to understand and improve together. Later he published a book called "Principles" which described the principles of being important to him.

Between 1979 and 1981, the US economy declined and the economy became unstable. Some say it is the most stressful time.

Mexico is breaking the law and the United States is increasing its budget. After predicting this, Dalio will buy gold and financial futures against Eurodollar.

But this movement brings everything, and this is just one of the companies. Reasons for failure include lack of confidence and skepticism, rediscovering the value of learning history, and problems in business ventures.

Since then, he has made it his goal to be who he is, no matter where the answers come from. In ongoing research he finds the "pure grail of investing," developing a way to manage capital using computers, measuring the relative risk of capital and return, and converting Bridgewater to the "alpha" of numbers. Treasure. / exits the asset portfolio.

“The surest way to reap many benefits without putting yourself at risk is to enter into a fair and equitable relationship,” he said.

Hello, Dalio has become the "King of Wall Street" and Bridgewater has become the global hedge fund with approximately $ 150 billion in assets under management. AICIO Magazine and Wired called him "Steve Jobs of Investing," and Time Magazine called him one of the 100 Most Talented People.

He is currently no longer involved in the day-to-day management and retired as CEO in March 2017. Although he is still Chief Investment Officer and CEO of the company. ~

Collisions and exchanges in an encrypted world

In the cryptocurrency world, Dalio's general opinion is that the government will oppose Bitcoin and "after all, if Bitcoin is successful, it will kill it ...".

Of course, Bitcoin is also relatively unchanged and is not a good medium of exchange. Most importantly, the government doesn't want cryptocurrencies to be successful.

So himself in the circle is amazing Bitcoin. While Cathie Wood estimates that Bitcoin will increase tenfold in five years, this is not true.

When Bitcoin hit $ 16,000 in November 2020, he said, "I don't think digital currencies will be as successful as people expect them to be."

However, he tweeted, “There might be some things I don't remember about Bitcoin so I want to fix them. He admits he has violated Bitcoin in the past.

He also added: "Having it doesn't protect my purchasing power because it's not a big wealth market because it doesn't change and affect the price I have to buy." You cannot trade bitcoin and you cannot have bitcoin.

In December, Max Keizer, Wall Street analyst and Bitcoin supporter, expressed his belief that Dalio would invest in Bitcoin sooner or later.

And Dalio later said, “It can be used as a different tool for gold and other valuable items. Most importantly, keep some of these treasures in the product. ) to diversify your investment. "

In January 2021, it was declared that Bitcoin is a viable option and it is considering cryptocurrencies as an investment option for new currencies that will offer protection to consumers by reducing fiat currency.

“The rebuilding of the computer-generated income that has been running for over a decade and has resulted in rapid gains in both income and wealth reserve is possible. The best. Now there aren't many. others. Gold species - an instrument with increasing demand. Like. "

In order not to get any news of the content, he posted an article about his thoughts on Bitcoin.

In September, he said he had bitcoin, the government didn't want cryptocurrencies to be topped up, money was still wasted, and commodities would disappear. At an event in October, he said he would choose gold over Bitcoin. In December, he said he wanted to buy NFTs, and the NFT wave came.

When asked recently if it would make sense for a trader to allocate 1-2% of their investment to Bitcoin, Dalio replied, "I think so."

Although the truth is not yet confirmed, the truth is that the world is changing.


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