Fed prices have raised expectations, and is it no longer a decision for Bitcoin?

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Fed rate hikes continue to rise

On Jan. 10 EST, Fed Chairman Powell told a meeting that the post-epidemic economy will be different from the previous expansion, the US economy is strong, the rules must be followed, determine the future and the tools used to promote the business. and industry. It's possible. In fact, market inflation expectations in March started to rise after the Fed announced the inflation rate from last week.

Goldman Sachs, like analysts at JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank, now expects the Fed to hike rates four times this year. Tighter economic conditions and rising inflation have raised expectations that the Fed will become even stricter by raising interest rates and lowering its balance sheet. Bloomberg Economics said in a statement that the Fed will focus on its balance sheet at its January meeting and narrow it down to this or sooner.

The tragedy in the industry has always spilled over to the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin fell below $ 40,000 per share for the first time since September 22 last year, and fell more than 5% on a daily basis to $ 29,000 from November. The industry generally believes risky assets, including cryptocurrencies, could cause a downturn if the Fed begins to "cool" the market by shrinking its balance sheet and raising interest rates.

美联储加息预期升温 对比特币已不是决定性因素?

Bank of America analysts like Michael Hartnett think:Assets including cryptocurrencies, palladium, long-term commodities, and other risky trading histories have exploded simultaneously.Jay Hatfield, managing director of Infrastructure Capital Advisors, said falling Fed waters will continue to weigh on uncertainty over riskier commodities, including tech equipment, urine and commodities, which lost money due to higher risk and higher interest rates. . Dynamics-based investments, especially in cryptocurrencies that are worthless.

Of course, there are different sounds. Gu Yanxi, scientist and expert in blockchain and crypto heritage industry, said:Don't pay too much for how Fed policy affects the value of Bitcoin.The price of Bitcoin is affected by many factors, howeverThe Fed's policy is not important to Bitcoin because the market already has enough money to set the price of Bitcoin.. This contrasts with the Fed's policy of not affecting the supply of Tether.Although Bitcoin prices move in the wake of the Fed's policy announcements, the relationship is erratic and temporary.

Gu Yanxi said, “If world leaders control the cryptocurrency exchange, it will have a bigger impact on the value of Bitcoin. However, the impact will be short. noted.


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