Curved wars evolve through convex wars

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Matryoshka is everywhere. "Curve War" for the administration of the Curve was gradually changed to "Convex War" for the administration of Convex.

“Curve War” Simply put, Curve is a robust AMM value that rewards CRV service providers. CRV can: Offer a gift from the Curve fund pool.

Therefore, other important factors of financial security know that this weekly distribution of votes is crucial for the management of the income of the Curve fund pool. This is because losing the vote means that the LP benefits will be reduced and the money will be transferred to other policies.

So the so-called "war of the curves" followed. Many public rules will be passed and will reward holders of veCRV with traditional symbols.

Convex dominates TVL from the curve.

In April 2021, Convex accepted the bribe in exchange for taking over the veCRV bars with a 1% airdrop. This has now had a major impact on Curve's election results. 85% of Curve TVL is now owned and contracted by Convex.


Convex contains almost half of the veCRV.

Convex has the greatest impact on improving performance.


Convex is now the largest owner of veCRV, accounting for 47% of all equipment. This gives them the ultimate executive power to decide the distribution of CRV alarm clocks.

As Convex now governs the right to vote on the curve, the deal focuses on direct bribery for Convex, which leads to a war of attrition. Therefore, instead of buying CRV tokens and securing them for the veCRV vote, they directly corrupt the holding of vlCVX. vlCVX is Convex's token that is locked for 16 weeks, which could affect native administration of Convex's veCRV.

This is a great benefit for vlCVX holders who receive a bribe worth approximately US $ 2.75 per CLC closed after September 21, 2021.

Other contracts include CVX


In addition to bribes, other entrepreneurs looking for financial support can also buy and close CLC and allow voting on their own mining pools. The recent purchase of 500,000 tokens from TerraForm Labs suggests that this supports the UST Curve mining pool.

Other contracts also include CVX, with Frax Finance currently holding the majority of CVX. DAOs like REDACTED appear to provide “Vote-as-a-Service” and conserve valuable resources for regulatory compliance. CVX and CRV meet your needs.

Convex Finance also integrates with Frax Finance's veFXS and veCRV to provide management and voting agreements for Frax products.

A "war curve" has also been transformed into a "convex war".


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