Bad US Crypto Website: $ 788 billion in Bitcoin

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On Tuesday afternoon local time (approximately 6:10 a.m. Beijing time this morning), a bug spread to the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange site Coinbase and CoinMarketCap, and several cryptocurrencies were incorrectly marked.

CoinMarketCap once said that the value of Bitcoin is $ 778 billion and the value of Ethereum is $ 520 billion, but the value of other tokens is the same.

This causes some users to lose their personal balance incorrectly, and some users immediately become "super rich".

Dogecoin co-founder Billy Marcus tweeted that chaos makes him an "unknown billionaire" as Dogecoin was once priced at US $ 194,509 on sites like CoinDesk and the actual value is only of about 19 xees. I did.

Some statements about the so called 'stablecoin' are also incorrect: Tether once said $ 14 million, but the truth is $ 1. The USD coin would be worth around $ 12 million.

But soon the prices show a return to normal. The CoinMarketCap website says in a statement that the issue has been resolved.

Coinbase said in a press release that there is an issue with asset prices among some wallet users and the issue will not affect the market. The problem has been fixed, but no company has explained the cause.

CoinMarketCap humorously asks social media users what it's like to be a billionaire for hours on end. Some users said they almost had a heart attack when they saw this award, and there were jokes that they immediately stopped and bought a Lamborghini.

However, not everyone finds this situation funny. Cryptocurrency traders said if this didn't work, traders would go elsewhere to get their information.


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