Spain presents its advertising policy on cryptocurrencies

人民邮电报 view 33007 2022-1-25 10:20
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Spain recently announced the "New Rule for Trade and Release of Crypto Assets" stating that cryptocurrency launches for more than 100,000 people must be approved by the Spanish National Commission for Securities and Markets (CNWV ) 10 days before delivery.

This policy came into effect on February 17, 2022. The Spanish National Securities and Markets Commission requires individuals and companies to notify the Commission at least 10 days before an announcement. The new rules will only be governed by the Spanish National Stock Market Commission, whether they are cryptocurrency sponsors with more than 100,000 subscribers, cryptocurrency ads with less than 100,000 subscribers or people associated with less than 100,000 subscribers. prior approval.

In addition, the Spanish National Securities Market Commission wants the promotion of cryptocurrencies to include warnings explaining the risks involved. The Spanish National Commission for the Securities Market said that "Investment in cryptocurrencies is not regulated. Must read and understand. The risks of this investment., explained below. link. " The company has stated that all cryptocurrency declarations must include a label. "Global" News: Currently, many governments have expressed concern about the lack of investor protection in cryptocurrencies and the risk of financial security threats.

Bitcoin's year-to-date good fortune seems to confirm these concerns. After the crisis that occurred on January 21, Bitcoin fell below $39,000 on January 22 and fell below $36,000 for the first time since July 2021. It hit a low of $34,042 and loses more than 10% of one. Money poured in, the fiat world crashed for a while, and a dozen other big gains in the virtual currency market vanished simultaneously. On the morning of January 23, Bitcoin fell again and many traders finally got into business. According to data from Bitpowder, as of 01:00 a.m. on January 23, more than 310,000 people across the entire network were operating in a single day, and about 6.34 billion yuan of funds evaporated.

Due to the turmoil, cryptocurrencies are facing regulation from all sides. According to foreign media, Biden executives plan to unveil government digital assets next month and will ask government agencies to assess the risks and timing.

The National Research Council also announced on March 31 that it would serve as an example for 20,000 households holding cryptocurrencies. It was learned that the investigation was in line with South Korea's cryptocurrency tax plan, which was originally scheduled to be carried out on January 1 this year, but was postponed to 2023.

EU regulators are also calling for a ban on the use of the powerful cryptocurrency mining model. According to the Financial Times, the European Union's top finance official has asked the EU to limit the growth of bitcoin mining.


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