'Metaverse' Frustration Isn't Open Yet, and 4 Different Events 'Cause the Situation Before'

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If you go gold today, there will be a "metaverse". Born in the new science fiction novel "Avalanche" from 1982, this concept will be popular until 2021, giving people an endless idea of ​​the future of the virtual world, while causing negative repercussions in entertainment, technology and investment. industry and other sectors.

It's worth noting that the concept of a metaverse hasn't come yet, and all the hype, bubbles, and deception haven't come from its flag.

One of the more unusual events: the metaverse is the shopping cart. You can put anything.

A few days ago, a liquor company fell in love when it wanted to "create a drunken and gorgeous 'metaverse' of the juice flavored wine series." What is the relationship between Baiju and Metaverse? Two things that do not fit into the eight poles are in the same frame, so netizens are crying magic.

Shinhwa Ilbo reporter foundLong before Baijiu entered the market by groups that did not seem to affect Metaverse, for example, the famous tea company developed a Metaverse NFT ban. Blind box, the original company developed a special Metaverse team and developed Metaverse. retail store project, I have to do it. Types and types of business scenarios, cityscape creating a forum called "Metaverse, Park Future", etc.

When the river flows, I run, and when the river flows, I know who is swimming naked. Lin Haihan, vice president of the Shanghai Trademark and Brand Association, said: "The market and other events have become part of 'anything is possible on the spot'," said Lin Haihan, vice president of the Shanghai Trademark. and Brand Association. and some practices that violate the concept are difficult to promote,” he said. As with trademarks, registrations have become obsolete and meaningless. It only has value when it is used and known to the store and the consumer. "

According to company data,Over the past year, more than 10,000 Chinese enterprises have applied for the "Metaverse" brand, and more than 1,500 enterprises from all walks of life have participated.In particular, technology, entertainment and business services companies are key customers, after retail, automotive, education, Internet of Things and mental health services. The "hard pull" signs are true.

Among them, the companies with the most brands are Metaverse, 80% of the products are related to Metaverse, and the related groups are Prada Metaverse, Louis Vuitton Metaverse, Lexus Metaverse, KFC Metaverse, Ele.me Metaverse, 100,000 Cold Metaverse, Haidilao Metaverse, etc.

Phenomenon #2: Light and robust technology, old hardware in new packaging

"Maybe we're more 'The World,' others call us the Metaverse, and we're still real." The best tech companies are tasked with removing the effects of old alcohol from new bottles in the metaverse region. No technological innovation. No product changes, just a name change.

The reporter pointed out.In fact, there are companies who want to create VR (virtual reality) showrooms and "metaverse space experience scenes", which is a bit digital scenic, some companies claim to show the metaverse, the decision is to create virtual idols, and the company is. "Enterprise Metaverse" We proposed solutions, and as a result, an optimal product design was developed.

According to Tianyancha statistics, more than 30 companies have adopted the new packaging directly by changing the name, and although the industry standard is similar, the company name has changed to "Metaverse Technology", "Metaverse Media and "Metaverse Commerce". ".

In the same way,Some places have taken the initiative to promote new ideas to encourage investment and also to develop “new hats” in the parks.. "There are still companies that focus on virtual reality, games and intelligence. The old idea is old, and replacing it with the metaverse is a good thing," said a government official. ", did he declare.

The Metaverse concept makes it clear that the concept itself was not born by interfering with new technologies over existing technological concepts. , many participants value technology and only use their imagination and speech to create colorful futuristic virtual worlds.

It's easy to think of it and rename it, but there's no shortcut to completing it. Currently, the whole development of the metaverse is in its infancy, and the main reason is that the technology it uses is still in its infancy.

Phenomenon #3: The "metaverse" will increase if the sentiment of ideas and products increases

There are those who say that the "metaverse" is like a fire in a retail store, but as long as there is a relationship with the listed company, the price of the product in the market increases rapidly. Are these long-term campaigns or are they just sports capital and hype strategies that want to make a quick buck? Insiders also pointed out that it's "very easy and difficult to see."

Everything must "fall" to "fly" to "fly".For example, a company with art exhibits doubling its stock market value within months of introducing the "metaverse" concept. Recently, according to the announcement, the company has been involved in the construction of a virtual metaverse building, and product prices have hit the limit for two consecutive days.

The reporter noted that some registered companies received a letter of concern from the stock exchange and said, "I was asked to explain whether the concept of 'metaverse' is the golden term", and "sales are not yet known". It should be noted that commodities continue to "grow" despite recent volatility and "uncertainty" about the future.

Using strategies to attract people's hearts is true for covering up your fears of your own success.Some listed companies have repeatedly disclosed their business risk, while others have had negative earnings for five consecutive years. Stock prices have risen because they are surfing the metaverse. The type of "manipulation" of jumping only with the idea of ​​not looking at the company's performance caused many people to call it "absurd".

Experts surveyed said caution should be exercised when it comes to investing in bubbles under the “metaverse” banner, and investments that aren’t backed by real companies are easy to build a "castle" in the air.

Phenomenon #4: He was making money selling courses, and creating the beautiful 'Leak Cut'.

The metaverse courses, which last about 2 hours in total, sold for more than 3.6 million yuan. Crimes and violations according to the statement of "For Money" and even "Air Coins" and "Pig Hunting" join the black and white material ... According to the author of the media research, what are people still thinking? that some scammers had already detected "business opportunities" and started "cutting leeks" using fakes.

"There was an interesting phenomenon. At the time, 'roundabout', which illegally speculated on the name of the blockchain, turned to the 'metaverse'. Million development."

according to the reportIn September 2021, after the company and other organizations made it clear that the activity involved in the virtual market was illegal, "Currency Circles" adjusted its forecasts and results for configuration, advertising and other industries. On behalf of the Metaverse investment project, visitors will purchase a variety of virtual currencies, including game tokens.

An advertising agency reported that journalists had paid to advertise the Metaverse virtual currency project. XX is "a Metaverse + NFT project for the distribution of community-owned virtual spaces, blockchain heritage rights have been recognized, Binance + Fire is a two-chain agreement. The address agreement is not . .. "no more.

"There are many types of cryptocurrencies, each with its own risks. Some are 'weapons' that have no credit base and cannot be printed, which is like 'killing pigs'. Mao Lingling, director of the Bureau of Financial Monitoring and Crime Management, explains.

The idea is not praise or criticism, but proponents of the idea are supportive.Respondents say that the means change from time to time, but the urge to cut the leek remains the same.Some scientists have gone to great lengths, claiming that they can use Metaverse to get rich overnight. The goal is to harness human curiosity and the desire for wealth to fish in marine matter and “finance” through “fire”.


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