Ethereum miners hit the jackpot with a prize pool of $540,000.

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Ethereum miners themselves have benefited greatly from the mining activity and received prizes worth up to $540,000. ~

On January 17, miners from 2 ETHereum SOLO miners mined the entire block and received 168 ETH. According to BitInfoCharts, this giveaway is larger than the average giveaway per segment of 4ETH.

The main characteristics of the gift are the size of the SOLO pool and its power number. It is small with 854 miners online and at the time of writing has 1.5 tera hashes per second. This means that the average miner delivers 1.85 gigabytes of hashes per second. The lucky miner now offers 2.25 Giga hashes per second, which can be powered by 1-20 modern GPU units.

The hash is the value of computing power that the device provides with the proof of working of blockchains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. A higher hash value helps secure the network by negotiating and mining blocks.

Ethereum Network's Lucky Jackpot was hit third by a cryptocurrency miner in two weeks. On January 11, Solo CK Anonymous Personal Mining's Bitcoin (BTC) miner earned 6.25 BTC by digging on his own. ~

Two days later, another freelancer used Solo CK to re-mine the new Bitcoin blocks with 1-3 devices. ~

Each miner has had 1 of the block's 140,000 digging seasons, and about 1 in 1 billion seasons of two miners have completed the same task in the same week.

Ethereum's average daily earnings have fallen since hitting a high of $0.282 on May 12, 2021. Currently, the average earnings are around $0.0474, according to BitInfoCharts. This is partly because EIP-1559 was destroyed without being distributed to miners.

A jackpot giveaway like before this week could be a thing of the past when the Ethereum network completes its "integration". "Merge" refers to the transition to the "Certificate of Stake" (POS) approval algorithm. In POS, tokens are used to control network security. This reduces the energy requirements of the network.


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