Metaverse Research Report: Opposition Changes, Warning Against "Metahegemony"

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If a small number of countries control the development direction of the human metaverse ecosystem through hardware and software monopoly, and master a new industrial model and a new world This industrial chain is represented by the metaverse, will eventually- did they create a new brand? Hegemony - Yuan Hegemony? How did the latecomers crack the game then?

As the metaverse suddenly became an international topic, the "explosion" of metaverse terms was followed in various media. Restricting access to token aggregation (NFT), virtual real estate scientists, new trillion-dollar companies... How 30-year-old sci-fi work will affect the future. people? What will this change?

housing problems

Before looking into the future of the metaverse, we must first clarify the current question of what is real in the virtual metaverse.

It must be recognized that human social virtualization and participation in the virtualization industry exist in purpose. By expanding this, more and more people are entering the metaverse space, and some desktop decorations and virtual clothing made from this also have more options. Here, the metaverse doesn't look much different from the online game 'Second Life' that became popular a few years ago.

However, if you look closely at the core of the architecture, you will see that the new type of network uses blockchain and distributed cloud-based infrastructure to bring virtual space to the fore. Everything in the metaverse becomes a valuable asset written in the public blockchain by NFTs and smart contracts, which are seen and recognized by the "approval" of all network partners, which is the biggest difference compared to games online and previous social media. . In other words, if a network enterprise product is shut down or ceases operations, it will change the situation where each consumer is damaged. At the same time, public blockchains operate on the "consent" of the whole network and not on a single proxy. There is a place.

元宇宙调查报告:喧嚣中的变革 警惕“元霸权”

The metaverse reinforces the technological superiority of developed countries. Source: G.J.

Yuan the edge is the maximum of the maximum equipment, and the largest is the largest web 3.0 policy of personal property. For example, to send personal image, all users write to upload virtual and produce high quality products in the game. Therefore, the approval of all networks has become owned, and provide additional consensus of the commitment, and mortgage and other work. Here, the rights of the rules is not a specialist's network, not the leader of knowledge, especially citizenship as the internet Make a local account. "Consignment" that cannot be no interaction has been created. In other words, when the citizen chain used, it means to be aware of the transaction of personal information as "agreement".

For this reason, the metaverse is considered to have great potential due to its ability to extend to human working models. The implementation of virtual space can create "useful" products, thus creating a similar concept of "virtual work". It may sound fantastic, but more and more designers are living with these models and more and more companies are entering the virtual space. Activities, responding to real human needs and creating value.

In addition to the public domain metaverse, local metaverse areas (often in the form of private blockchains) created by some governments and companies that use "digital twins" also play an important role in promoting the transportation of commercial goods. Besides the status of the transfer of government posts from Seoul and Barbados to the metaverse, many companies have started developing and simulating products here, with Boeing being the most representative. It is quite expected that in the next few years, many manufacturing companies will move their products to the Metaverse in order to improve and redesign them, despite the management of real-time virtual reality applications, allowing their employees to control everything. from a distance. Production limits by opening virtual and real connections in manufacturing and test facilities.

The integration and integration of different metaverses is also a matter to explore. Currently, metaverse NFT tools are difficult to use on multiple platforms. For example, virtual modes purchased from metaverse A cannot be applied to metaverse B. In front of fewer users, even if there is competition or collaboration between several metaverses, if there will be a metaverse that will become the "breakdown" due to low concurrency, or a metaverse is created. Recently, Caduceus Metaverse announced the first blockchain metaverse framework, and it is expected to be the main basis of the metaverse. This means that different metaverses can recognize blockchain-based NFTs from each other. , will usually create a "metaverse group" with large and small metaverses. Any user access to the metaverse means access to the entire metaverse.

Many concerns were reiterated

With the rise of ideas, some metaverse concerns have reappeared in international opinion.

Confidentiality is one of our biggest concerns. Taking the meta as an example, even after changing the name, the problem of breaching users' personal information has not been resolved, and it is still measured that the target access to the metaverse is to further monitor user data . After all, in the metaverse world, every action, word and deed as a user has been attributed to the server, and the user's privacy is at the greatest risk. American author Whitney Webb criticized the two American tech companies and their relationship, saying they "became government contracts". This situation can get worse in the metaverse.

Compliance with virtual machines is also considered "non-invasive". Doctors have warned that long-term use of virtual devices could pose a health risk, and tech geek Musk says, "Nobody wants to have a TV up their nose." Put on a silly hat tech geeks point to the metaverse or end up in the “Matrix” where humans are enslaved to machines.

元宇宙调查报告:喧嚣中的变革 警惕“元霸权”

International public concerns about the reaction of the metaverse have also been repeatedly raised. Source: G.J.

In this regard, in addition to the controversy over the metaverse platform and technology, we are also trying to change people's perceptions through action. For example, surgeons and medical training are based on virtualization technology, and Metaverse exercise apps can be linked to Metaverse gaming gyms and gyms through headsets, while gaming like jogging and yoga in the real life. ; The metaverse also appears to play a particular role in aging, for example by preventing older people from moving around to lead productive lives. A conflict may arise at this time, but the negative perception that the metaverse causes the human body to physically malfunction and even becomes a "brain in the vat" will gradually change when the metaverse is used for medicine and health.

The wind that has been widely connected to change is increasing the problem clearly. There are some popular meetings and websites are usually found meta-batch directly on the virtual trading platform. Now, the Popular Yuan Earth's world and do not engage in the ability of "century mechanism". Many banks and organizations are remembering the risk bubble formed in the bubble bubble, but still can't increase the amount of gambling at gambling.

In addition, traditionally exists in the Heritage World. Women's users have suffered other responsibilities in the desert, and the behavior complaints must bear the result, and the people are murmured. In other places, the protection has announce well, and more people concerned about this: Have you passed the false message to the tube?

In requesting strong construction, metamoroid bringing additional issues for counting. If you have a future, are you supposed to have a hundred times to improve energy to get a great power? Are the false virtual low-carbon virtual virtual brand low-carbon type of regret?

"Yuan Hays" is afraid

As Yaurani, the new business, new business, still interested in new changes that can cause an emergency.

In terms of infrastructure and application development of the Metaverse, industrial monopoly and inconsistent growth have been successful. Whether it is a high-end gang chip, a terminal head-mounted display device, or an already developed Metaverse application platform, almost all are controlled by all the hands of the country. Upstream and downstream of the metaverse. Although the main purpose of the metaverse is decentralization, the fundamental use of the metaverse is to accelerate centralization. In developed countries, particularly in the United States, the first migrations from riverside homes are still very marked.

From the perspective of the business revolution, the metaverse has heralded new business models that exist in virtual and reality, and its models seem to be silent. Metaverse's virtualization technology will change the way people-computer interactions in industry and the virtual space will unite employees around the world to make it more efficient. Many "digital twin" devices intelligently developed by the metaverse formation will continue to access and communicate with realities through the Internet of Things, resulting in more empowered, intelligent and popular people. Countries that cannot be included in the transition will be increasingly affected by the new economic environment.

元宇宙调查报告:喧嚣中的变革 警惕“元霸权”

The metaverse life people think of is rich and colorful. Source: G.J.

From the chain industry's perspective, the metaverse will break down existing real-world industries and create a "virtual low-carbon internal circulation" industry. As the fashion industry enters the metaverse as an example, traditional clothing and luxury often require the completion of a long line of "build-build-build-car-use", which requires d be divided into international chains. In the Metaverse fashion industry, just putting your design on a digital platform and streaming it on NFT can earn you money in minutes, all middle links are eliminated and there is no has no carbon emissions - if it uses electricity, it comes from clean energy. Such simplicity and speed make it a business that is not just a big business, but also a small business and one that people can't forget. The market for low-carbon virtual reality, where the manufacture and use have been carried out in the metaverse, is surprising, and for companies on the integration of product support, it can be a "hunting sword the soul" which closes the neck. .

The future is always uncertain, but what if real change is imminent? If a small number of countries control the development direction of the human metaverse ecosystem through hardware and software monopoly, and master a new industrial model and a new world This industrial chain is represented by the metaverse, will eventually- did they create a new brand? Hegemony - Yuan Hegemony? How did the latecomers crack the game then?


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