Justice: Many treasures are poured into the miners to hold them back for a long time! $40,000 is support for Bitcoin.

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According to Fidelity Digital Assets, total global energy will rise more than fall as bitcoin miners receive more investment in 2021 unaffected by China's slowdown, and remain stable globally to hit $40,000 by 2022. It will be supported.

Instable 2021

According to a new report from Fidelity Digital Assets, 2021 will be the year of Bitcoin unchanged, up 64% in 2021 from around $29,000 at the start of the year to $47,000 at the end of the year. This report shows the unification of the total changes of 2021.

It rose over $63,000, falling over 50% from all-time highs in April (which rose over 100% in a few blocks). At the end of July, Bitcoin fell below the $30,000 mark, pushing it back to the start of the year. It tracked inflation in November, peaking at $67,000.


The report notes that by 2021, many investment companies will increase their share of bitcoin in the form of private equity and ETFs in the future, and these companies will continue to increase their share of cryptocurrencies in the future. 'to come up. 71% of US and European investment firms are evaluating plans for allocating future digital investments, with allocation to digital assets expected to be higher by 2022.

Exports from China do not reduce hashrate

Moreover, miners' tips are also an important support for the value of Bitcoin. By 2021, the hashrate will drop by more than 40% from May to July due to China's total abolition policy. Pack and ship to another carrier. However, the result is different. The hashrate rebounded faster than expected, surging 5% above its high from last month.

The US has become the biggest winner of the migration miner and is now the world's number one, accounting for 35% of Bitcoin's global hashrate, but just two years ago the US only had 4% . Historically, China accounted for 75% of the world's energy, which also poses a risk of state domination. However, now the hashing power of bitcoin has spread all over the world counting that the energy is safe and stable for a single national power.

A few days ago, the power cuts caused by the Kazakh uprising caused the renewal of electricity.


Miners continue to invest for the long term without a quick return.

The Fidelity report notes that the price of the Bitcoin hashrate rebound indicates that miners are focusing on long-term gains.

The value of Bitcoin can be seen in the actions of miners. Miners have the biggest financial boost and are witnessing the adoption and value of Bitcoin. We believe their recent actions show that the Bitcoin cycle is not over and that these miners have invested in Bitcoin.

Based on the above, Jurrien Timmer, Director of Fidelity Investments Global Macro (Fidelity Investments), estimates Bitcoin's strong support will be $40,000 by 2022, noting that Bitcoin is already technically oversold at this level. In short, it will bounce back.

Fidelity also predicted which countries will receive Bitcoin in the future. The report estimates that more countries using bitcoin will lead to more competition, and the smaller Pacific nations of Tonga want to follow El Salvador's bitcoin adoption by the end of 2022. Yeah, so I wouldn't be surprised to see other countries buy bitcoins. or join the banks by mid-2022.

Bitcoin's value is expected to hit a new high

The report shows that as more regulatory and market assets open space for crypto assets, hundreds of millions of existing assets will be introduced into the digital cryptocurrency ecosystem, extending the Bitcoin cycle with the unification of miners to new heights.

"Digital heritage has risen in areas such as art, culture, music and sports. Unbelievers can't ask but ask what else we want to see believe digital assets won't be lost.”


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