Ali Labs: Is the metaverse a new technology or a new bubble?

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On October 28, 2021, global internet social media giant Facebook changed the name of its existing company to "Meta" and announced that the company's future development will focus on the "Metaverse" design. The concept of the metaverse exploded in an instant, and major tech companies began planning the development of technology based on it, the news caused a fire with publicity and investment was encouraged.

When audiences focus on 2C (consumer-driven market) metaverse scenarios such as games, social media, and entertainment,The development of metaverse technology will affect the transformation of the 2B economy (industrial market).For the transition from the manufacturer to the nationalIn the process of transforming its strategy into a manufacturing powerhouse, China should pay close attention to industrial transformation in which metaverse technology can be applied to industrial information.

At the same time, future technological advancements, including change, will continue to transform the global economy along with the way we live and manage people.In the modern era when technology is widely used, it is necessary to consider how to prevent the problems of technology and people, especially the inconvenience of technology for humans and the same people first, and how to transform the power of science and technology into the world. the power of science and technology. Beneficial for humans.On the hot topic of the “metaverse,” we should calm down after the hot topic and take a look at how the technology of the metaverse is changing from various angles.Many include and are responsible.

What is the Metaverse? In "Second life"

"Second Life is an application that allows people to create a second life by creating an avatar in the online virtual world or metaverse." Two Lives "Explain Yes, the concept of the metaverse first became popular with Second Life almost 20 years ago. Most of the answers to the metaverse can be found in Second Life.


In the order of the metaverse created by Second Life, residents can live in an online virtual real estate, various design and marketingdigital artwork, residents have virtual homes and digital assets.membership.

Posted in "Second life"Cryptocurrency "Linden duas (L $)"", used to trade digital assets. Linden Dollar SpecialExchangeLindeXIt can be converted into US dollars at the exchange rate.

"Second Life" offers users the ability to create virtual 3D worlds.virtual officeIt can be used for communications such as staff meetings, events and trainings, and can be used to show where new products can be presented to users. For example, the technology company IBM bought more than 10 islands from "Second Life" andProduct training and demonstration center.

Government of Second Life Maldives, Sweden, Estonia, Colombia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Philippines, Albania, Israel, Malta, etc.Open embassy.

In the virtual world of "Second Life",Performing arts, athletics, distance education, religious studies, activitieswait, it even happened"Protests" and "Protests". Second Life advertising and media have also become a virtual world.great newsimportant tools.

Due to its huge market share, "Second Life" appeared on "Business Week" in May 2006, and a special report announcing entrepreneurs was born from marketing digital products in Second Life.millionaire, has become a new phenomenon of relationships and a challenge that transcends national borders.

Most of the events the public is discussing about the Metaverse today have attempted to land on Second Life to some extent. After reaching 1 million monthly users in 2007, “Second Life” is slowly beginning to emerge from its peak, and a new generation of young people are turning to Facebook and Instagram. As today's young people move from Facebook to TikTok and Snapchat, Facebook, which has gone from its star and is in turmoil, suddenly changed its name and embraced the entirety of the metaverse, raising a questioned post about his real motivations. The excitement of the investment market is clearly greater than that of global technology, and new investments have yet to emerge. Will the metaverse turn into a bubble again?

Advances in human-machine interaction technology are derived from 1D and 2D to 3D interactions

One-Dimensional (1D) Interference as Byte Stream

On October 29, 1969, computers at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and computers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) completed the integration of remote packet control technology, which became the point of start of IT development. network. It was not until the 1980s that the TCP / IP protocol which developed the Internet protocol began to be used on a large scale. Earlier in 1978, as campus expansion grew, more and more User-Recorded Online Games (MUDs) with plain text became popular in North American schools. In early MUD systems, all operations in the virtual world were performed by servers, but computer terminals at the time were still text interfaces. . The player connects to the server using a remote service (such as telnet) to play online and the remote location of the user is responsible for presenting the return message from the server, and the commands entered by the player are sent to the server.

In MUD, the player assumes a role in the virtual world, the system releases short texts describing the situation the player finds himself in, and the player interacts with the player by entering commands.The process of advocating and releasing one-dimensional (1D) behaviors flows to become the technological foundation of the first generation metaverse.

We head north and finally come to Songshanmun Gate, where you can see the mountain is green, the forest thick, and the mountain very majestic. A large tree stood in the open space in front of the prose door, and vines hung from it.

The evidences here are the south and the north.

Players can access many commands after the ">" command, such as "drive north (tiger north)", and the system also has such secret commands like "rub Tengman (rub Tengman)". treasure chest

Figure 2. Chinese MUD interaction analysis

2D interactions can be opened by mouse and machine graphics

Once the computer has entered the PC age, as the computing power of the computer continues to improve the image and graphics, graphics can be used to create a growing virtual world. precise. ), known to all moderns, such as King of Glory, Warcraft, etc.

Before the advent of MMORPGs, this style of play was originally called graphical MUD. The first generation of MMORPG game designers started with MUD developers or players, such as Brian Green, the developer of the first 3D MMORPG game Meridian59, Raph Koster, Creative Director of Sony Online Entertainment and the lead game developer EverQuest. . Brad McQuaid et al. Shortly after, Second Life, an MMORPG platform without a story, appeared in the first chapter of this article. The capabilities made possible by advanced computer graphics technology allow gamers to complete the same virtual world using a mouse and keyboard.Two-dimensional (2D) interfaces.

AR/VR technology enables 3D interaction

With the continuous improvement and development of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality/VR), the next generation of human-computer interactive technology has developed the bridge between the digital and physical world. The binary fusion of the virtual world and the real world recognizes the relationship between the player and the virtual world.Three-dimensional (3D) interactions.


AR technology allows users to add virtual events such as virtual objects, symbols, digital data and interactive texts to the real world. While shopping, you can chat, like e-commerce sites, find discounts on nearby products, find shopping information, share personal reviews of companies and products, and more. You can play and take photos with pandas in the virtual world of the real world.

Compared to AR technology, VR technology will know more. Many types of VR glasses have entered the homes of ordinary people. VR games that kids love to play in stores. He is on the other side of the world and can immediately walk through time and space to the edge of the sun. Virtual reality is also used for training in various weather situations, such as scientific research in craters and monitoring stations. In the future, cruisers will wear VR goggles and operators to control the unmanned ship offshore to collect ore samples from the Mariana Trench. , while surgeons will wear VR goggles and surgical robots to control unmanned ships offshore for sailors. At the station, minimally invasive procedures can be performed. performance.


The integration of AR / VR technology into the metaverse situation opened up the boundaries between the virtual and physical worlds once, with robots, the interaction of the two worlds can establish a partnership, and the two worlds are intertwined. As part of this generation of metaverse technology, new start-ups, new business groups and new business processes will change by supporting new technologies.

The challenge of creating a new metaverse

In order to realize the integration of the virtual world and the real world, the interactions and the interactions of the virtual and physical worlds, the Metaverse requires a strong climate and the terminal support.


Figure 5. Using AR augmented reality technology to create digital art, the artwork has been integrated with AR technology, which allows a better understanding of the interaction between the audience and the graphics, allowing two-dimensional images to flow into the virtual world.

Using visual technology, the next metaverse symbol should use technology to create the following four layers:

first layerGeometric patterns, create geometric patterns of the earth, including objects, symbols, scenes, etc. You have to manage the equipment and you should be able to redesign the design.


Figure 6. Large Scale Mobile Scanning Device

Traditional computer geometric models require the use of CAD software, which consumes significant operating costs and has many limitations in its large-scale implementation. 2D image data sharing adopts methods such as image detection, radar scanning, remote video capture and other 2D image data acquisition methods. 3D geometric reconstruction by computer graphics technology is now an economically feasible solution and has been tested in many fields. promotion. .

two layerssimulation, model the dynamic behavior of the virtual world and bring the virtual world to life. Water must flow, stones must be thrown to break the glass, and the avatar can cause an external impact. The combination of the first and second layers creates a virtual world.

In fact, the complexity of this layer is very difficult to solve with modern conventional computer systems, requiring a big computer to complete the simple process of simulating milk froth and pouring it into bars. Feynman, Nobel laureate in physics and expert in quantum electrodynamics, made it clear in a 1981 article: This problem is an easy approximation of the process.


three layersConvergence between virtual and reality, the virtual world data is superimposed on the real world display, and the virtual world and the real world data are integrated. Everything in the real world is surrounded by layers of information, different users giving different content and personal recommendations always appear. AR/VR and brain-computer interfaces are currently research hotspots in this layer.

pem 4Virtual and physical connections, virtual world activities generate real world inputs, and changes in the virtual world will be closed to the real world. In other words, by changing the virtual world, you change the real world. You need a robot to do it. This way, simulation and planning can be accomplished in the virtual world, and a good solution can be seen and realized in the real world. Real-world bots and virtual-world NPCs (not players) need support for the tech skills below.


If the vision of the 3D metaverse is seen, there are still many challenges to overcome in addition to the virtual integration process that must resolve the initials for the use of AR / VR technology. First, second and fourth coats. Before the advent of technology, brain-computer interference, intelligence, and quantum technology were still in demand. Hello my love

The metaverse battle app is important, from 2C to 2B

When discussing the differences, the general public often focuses on 2C issues such as gambling, relationships, and entertainment. In fact, improved production of Metaverse technology is likely to affect 2B industry scenarios such as telecommunications, e-commerce, software development, business development, smart manufacturing, and product management. cities. The integration of next-generation information and industry information, represented by metaverse technology, will support the depth and breadth of the intersection of two important historical processes in the development of mankind.Especially in the strategic process of China's transition from a power company to a power company, the metaverse is urgently needed to develop and promote deep penetration of two technologies.

A cyber-physical system based on metaverse technology combined with IoT, robotics, AR/VR, continuous wireless communication and smart devices to create products such as humans, technology, hardware, l environment and physical data and data centers. make The digital twin system of integration, rapid integration and sharing efficiency knows the answers to the needs, accelerates and improves the allocation of resources and system performance.The combination of Metaverse and cutting edge technology will enable the most sophisticated devices, the integration of innovative products, a straightforward design process, and the use of capital resources, weight and precise control.

Production process design: In the metaverse, virtual world simulation allows you to easily pull and launch production equipment, modify the production process, improve quality, and further improve safety.

Product design: Metaverse can create open source products where multiple parties can interact more easily, so that stakeholders, including vendors and end users, can join the production phase. The platform can also easily support the crowd-developed product development process, develop feedback-based processes, and establish collaboration for new products.

Total Product View Approach: In Metaverse, customers can view real-time product delivery status in their product's 3D system, all digital twin devices. , giving visual insight into the delivery process on a level never seen before.

Metavers Justice and Equity, Law and Justice

Technology transforms businesses with life and management. In the modern era of mass industry, it is important to think about how to shift power and prevent the problems of technology, people and humans, especially the negative effects of technology on humans. and humans. Greater use of science and technology for the benefit of humanity. Only by thinking about the negative and even severe damage to technology can you come up with solutions and strategies to deal with the negative effects.

First of all, it's called "metaverse," but it's really new life created by virtualizing people and things into reality through information technology. Whether the platform or the government is controlled, the process of authenticating users and account numbers can tell the virtual person to the real person behind them. No matter how many avatars are created, as long as you capture this account in the digital world, you will capture the key to management.

Second, digital processes can be controlled by hierarchical distribution, and the system can be decomposed into multiple processes and controlled with different weights.

Third, new legislation should be developed to protect data assets, and legal procedures should be developed through new types and new applications emerging from the use of new technologies.

The network of the virtual world and the real world having become partners and insufficiencies, can the existing laws apply to the virtual world? Need to create a special law? In the face of new challenges, a better way is to be the first advocate of ethics, ethics, education, models and practices, then to seek knowledge about governance and then to apply the law to assemble it. Because the legal cost is very high, you can use sweet words before, and once the improvement is evident it can be guaranteed by law. Technology makers and service providers are responsible. Both the technology provider and the staff have a responsibility to strengthen integrity and create a better virtual world.

Although the technology is poor, this technological transformation is not the same as the technological power brought by the industrial revolution. During the industrial revolution, human limbs were released by force or change, and the structure of the human body was changed. Humans use machines and technology to create thoughts and actions in machines. When external processes are able to perform all the functions that an individual motor can perform, the energy of the whole human body is degraded. In other words, by dividing the workforce led by the technology industry, the capacity of the human body is reduced and the brain no longer functions. The biggest difference from the Industrial Revolution is that the exchange of information digitizes people and objects, creates a world of equivalents of atoms and objects, and enables the human brain to enhance the ability of the five senses to develop a network of memories. . The concept of human life ...

Whether the future is "metaverse" or virtual reality technology, after the popular market of a variety of applications, more information will be released and become more powerful intelligence, data or systems. Intelligence. These systems add human intelligence to create powerful intelligence. In most cases, the brain does not need to be used in these processes, which is why partitioning is provided for "plug-in" systems in order to solve the problem. Will all human intelligence be reduced?

"Metaverse" transcends the existing world, transcends time and space and creates a new digital identity. This digital system may not be a problem in the natural world, but it can create virtual characters in virtual reality. Through the process, these virtual characters are given "immortality", and later the "immortals" are more agents and agents of the machine. Therefore, symbols and digital images will be the forerunners of the Metaverse discussion. An interesting result is which sex can be virtualized in the "metaverse" option? How are legal issues affected? Can a real person have multiple avatars? Humans in the Metaverse may exist for a hundred or a thousand years, but what about collecting data during a period of intellectual defense as well? These questions of morality and privacy should be discussed in good faith as taught.


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