A power outage in Costa Rica has resumed for cryptocurrency mining.

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Costa Rica's abandoned power plant has found new life by harnessing cryptocurrency mining power and providing clean energy for market expansion. More than 650 machines from 150 non-stop customers stop at this mine on the outskirts of San José, across the Poias River.


Almost all of Costa Rica is powered by green capital, and the country is independent of electricity distribution. However, the government had to stop buying electricity and rehabilitate the plant itself due to the lack of domestic electricity.

Eduardo Cooper, owner of Data Center CR and Plant, said: “We have a lot of energy, but we are not doing anything. We have to close for nine months. We see many options. Scenario - by frying. which consumes a lot of energy, just a year ago I said that I could think of energy bitcoin, blockchain and digital mining. »

Cooper was skeptical at first, but saw that cryptocurrency mining needed more energy and fossil fuels.

The company has invested $500,000 in hosting digital mining computers. “Our target market is global cryptocurrency miners looking for better opportunities, especially those looking for a cleaner business and internet connection.” Data Center CR now owns three mines valued at $13.5 million.

So far, the company's customers have all been local, but the goal is to reach international miners in the market.

According to Cooper, Costa Rica is slowly switching to new technologies, unlike El Salvador, which became the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as fiat in September 2021.

"By bringing these machines here and holding them, we're basically providing cheaper electricity. That's what we're doing, so the energy is cleaner, greener and cheaper."


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