Wikipedia recommends restricting the use of free cryptocurrency. The reason is that it is not environmentally friendly.

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Wikimedia, the non-profit foundation that runs Wikipedia, is facing internal interference in its policy of accepting cryptocurrencies in a free form. Most of them are environmental reasons.

It is understood that Molly White, co-founder of the GorillaWarfare brand, applied to the institution that accepts donations in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum as a way to recognize digital advantages and digital advantages like an investment. This is incompatible with the Foundation's commitment to environmental sustainability.

维基百科被建议停止接受加密货币捐款 原因:不环保

Participants say Wikipedia risks damaging its reputation by accepting cryptocurrency donations, citing a recent decision by colleagues to join Mozilla not to accept free cryptocurrency. Wikimedia now accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ether through BitPay. White pointed out that Bitcoin and Ethereum need more power, noting that there are other “green” cryptocurrencies that are used on a smaller scale.


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