Is Web3.0 my access point?

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"Say, there's a gold nugget in Google's garden."

About 10 years ago, when the Web 2.0-era internet companies, represented by Google and Yahoo, were among them, Spivak said, “Our strength is that Google has a lot of work to do today. solution is ... The ultimate version of Web 3.0 is the brain of the world. And every Internet user is a part of it. "

According to the latest Web3.0 right now, no one can clearly define it, and it's more in terms. To some, Web3.0 represents an innovation in the future of Internet development that includes distribution and authorization for users. In fact, you can control it. Using data, information and online design

Musk recently shared his thoughts on Web 3.0, which he says is more of a business term and a bubble created by consumer demand. Many state-owned enterprises, including Bitcoin, blockchain, NFT, and Ethereum, are continuing, and new technologies such as DApp, DAO, IOT, and the deposits required at the time may also occur. To this end, this sentence generally relates to:

How did the Internet go from Web1.0 to Web3.0?

Hot Web3.0, is it a wind or a bubble?

From Web1.0 to Web3.0

In 1989, Berners announced the concept of the World Wide Web.

This has changed the perception that Internet services are only embedded in “data silos”. Strictly speaking, the static Web 1.0 pages are the first step in the transformation of the World Wide Web, and the publication mainly consists of portal sites such as Sina, Sohu, Yahoo and Baidu. It provides an Internet medium and allows users to browse and read.

In other words, Web1.0 only solves the need for users to receive and read data, and in this process, users can receive different data on websites, but cannot send their comments, the online communication can not. . Other communications, websites and visitors are different.

Good integration with Web 2.0 has made the Internet readable and writable.

In this case, the users are the recipients and the distributors of the information of the network, and the people can make two-way and multiple exchanges in the network. From web portals to personal portals, from online data to online Web 2.0 users, users have become like human means of communication and interaction, and have also become to have a social relationship. Software is also starting to jump to the PC side, and apps like WeChat, Weibo, and Douyin all appear at the same time.

However, in practice, Web2.0 remains a sort of centralized Internet integration platform for managing user data and information and for managing user groups, at risk of data leaks and loss. , the value of a user is often hard to imagine, and another normalization problem is that it is not easy to trace the origin of virtual objects and physical data in the centralization, and the potential for deception is inevitable.

What about Web3.0?

In 2006, before Web 2.0, Radar Networks (Radar Networks) was still in the planning stages. In this way, the network can not only understand the meaning of words and sentences, but also determine relationships based on semantics, the Semantic Web was designed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1998. Radar was a forerunner of Web3.0 .

Web 3.0 is a new form of Internet technology developed by integrating blockchain technology in addition to the outer wrapper of the Semantic Web, and its content in decentralization -"Enable users to have a truly available Internet", explains Brian Brooks, that in the era of Web 3.0, there is no need to worry about data being deleted, stolen or lost because data and information on the Internet have been compromised since the moment where it was announced to the public.


Figure: Schematic diagram of centralized and decentralized network architecture (Source: Dongxing Securities)

However, the importance of Web3.0 is not limited to this.

Whether it is Web1.0 or Web2.0, most users need to register for different accounts on different platforms, and the data is separated from each other. A simple example has not yet been made to directly switch from one application to another. , as many platforms create their own huge users and are security conscious.

Web3.0 has become a thing of the past, with the underlying reasons of Web3.0, users and platforms are free, when registering or logging in to the web, without having to access and authorize personal information. that creates and manages the Internet. Ideally, you only use your own digital wallet and the key to access the website, while using the key to manage your personal resources and gain financial support.

Internet of things: scam or future?

From today's point of view, the direct demand of Web 3.0 for most people is to "make money".

As mentioned above, in the age of Web 3.0, only one user can know and share the value and get better user experience. As an example, let's start with the original non-fungible token (NFT). Using blockchain technology, foreign star Curry has already purchased an avatar for $ 180,000. True and successful, domestic Internet leaders Ali and Tencent also joined forces after the publication of the work.

Blockchain is a list, and the creation of data and the exchange of that digital data is recorded on the blockchain, so the shutdown process not only stores the data stored in everyone here, but syncs, shares, repeats files. and also forwards IP addresses. chain .It is printed and used on-site, to ensure operations and membership are not compromised.

Now, NFT has been widely used in various industries such as media, clothing, music, movies, television, etc., so it is very attractive for manufacturers and distributors to resell old jobs all over the place. time while recognizing the freedom of creation. Its value is affected by signs of inadequacy and circumstances, but it is also based on optimism towards them.

In addition to NFTs, ENS (Ethereum-based Distributed Domain Name Service) also benefits from greater oversight.

October of this year saw the biggest recording deal to date. Someone bought the Paradigm.ETH domain name for 420 ETH. Ethereum's ENS connection in 2017 simplified Ethereum addresses to over 40 numbers, and the bidding process allowed all registered Ethereum users to end up in ".eth", improving the user experience using cryptocurrencies. . As ENS is based on the ERC721 protocol, all domain names are the same as NFT.

In the age of Web3.0, we can get business models that start from the concept, financial resources and tokens aware of the design value cycle. Overall, blockchain technology explains why people are independent and provides native support for Web 3.0. Components designed to manage digital symbol users and membership data to create a metaverse vessel.

Taking the example of Monaco, a performance-oriented blockchain project based on Web3.0 socialFi (Social DEFI) and supporting "content mining", Monaco is known as the encrypted version of Twitter. From the start of the launch, the hype of the personalized invitations brought by Kia Marketing spread to the Monegasque market.

In terms of functionality, users can post useful content on this Weibo-like platform and display NFTs under their titles. Comments, submissions and play are proportional to the number of fan users. Monaco uses SocialFi (Social Finance) as an update to retrieve user information and provide users with the benefits of accelerating the transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0.

Note that the Monaco model is not the first. Already in 2017, the social media platform DApp Steenit, distributed on the Steem channel, appeared, and it is one of the most important, because users can earn money out loud. Chain crypto community.

Until now, the concept of Web 3.0 was truly utopian, but its actual implementation remained problematic. ~

Before accessing Web3.0, you must first register for a crypto wallet. For example, find and add Ethereum MetaMask browser wallet plugin, set password change, confirm mnemonic account and complete setup, but the process remained bad for mnemonic and everything is important. Ethereum transfer is also difficult and there are problems accessing the account address, and even if you apply for ENS later, it differs from the current payment method, and the familiarity of Web3.0 is not very good compared to software.

Since then, due to declining tokens, new user engagement has declined, and Steny, the descendant of social cookies such as Primas and Clubhouse, has disappeared. At the end of November, Monaco announced a document entitled 'English Mining Only'. This clearly differentiates the tweet from not only offending the Chinese people, but also from thwarting the notion of "distribution" to which it refers. On the other hand, creative freedom is perceived, but on the other hand, poor distribution of data is an exception.

From a certain point of view, the initial implementation of the blockchain and the crypto application affects users in the same way. Even the largest decentralized app, Metamask, only has a few million monthly users. However, whether it is personal or social data, all of this prevents users from leaving the original Web2.0 platform.

Another example is DeFi (Decentralized Finance) running on public channels. These products have an immutable smart contract. DeFi Realm Liquidity Extraction is the process of depositing or borrowing token assets as needed to provide liquidity to market capitalization and earnings (native tokens or controlling power). . Liquidity extraction encourages users to deposit tokens into their business, increase the reach of potential clients and businesses, and add to the traditional problem of having tokens to grow in the work community.


Image : « Impossible Triangle » par Blockchain Technology (Source : Blog CSDN)

It was once backed by investments due to the high efficiency of liquid extraction.

However, in the public blockchain chain, it is difficult to achieve both "decentralization", good "security" of the system and high "market performance", it is an "impossible blockchain triangle".A conflict in the contract of contract always attracts hackers and can lead to the theft of property. During operations, mergers, the risk of permanent loss, design, and the risk of business loss can cause investors to lose their assets.

Is Web 3.0 an extension?

Many people expect Web 3.0 to be more successful due to its huge impact.

Brian Brooks, said at the meeting“Our digital network assets, every service, is created by this new network layer. Ethereum is a testament to membership in the Ethereum network and many of the services managed by the Ethereum network. Plan and invest in which network will ultimately win. a voting process tied to tokens, and all distribution decisions are made by the traders. "

In 2018, Gavin Wood published an article titled "Why Web 3.0 Needs" and "Web 3.0 will expand the global digital industry, create new business models and new monopoly platforms, and create multiple projects for infrastructure".

To solve the problem that Web2.0 users can use Web3.0 without leaving the familiar environment or interfering with difficult wallets, Mask Network, webmaster New, in ITO (Initial Twitter Offer) mode, this move is the Mask Network breaking it. This signifies the urgent need for Internet users to actually use Web 3.0.

With hindsight, it is not difficult to see that the success of ICOs, DEFI and NFT since 2017 is close to that of Ethereum, and this year Web3.0 and Gamefi are no exception xeeb.

After Musk became obsessed with Web 3.0, Sequoia posted an optimistic article about Web 3.0. Jeff Morris Jr., founder and managing partner of Los Angeles-based venture capital firm Part One, said Part One now closed at $ 40 million. The first fundraising focused on Web3.0 investments. Musk denies Web3.0, but denies the ability to commercialize, and crucially, it looks like Web3.0 is coming.

Chris Dixon, Partner of Top VC A16z, thinks Web3.0 will go the other way. In other words, Web3.0 is the power of Commerce and Media, the result of Web2.0 is the power of web transition 3. .0 to Web3.0. Tokens will frequently be displayed in the community when there are real tokens that community members can benefit from.On the one hand, user churn will be lower and, on the other hand, the network architecture will be stronger.

However, the "good situation" here is also a problem with Web3.0 now.Current technology has not yet clarified the requirements of Web3.0, the number of users involved is limited, the level of sub-engineering of the whole product and life in the human world has not been perfected for some, and the AI ​​has been achieved. an important position, and the limitations of the blockchain mobile phone are also difficult to meet the high data and user concurrency requirements of the blockchain, and the inefficiency and security of the exchange process can not meet the needs of the market.

For some, the initial viability of the new platform is uncertain and does not necessarily create FOMO thinking due to capital movements. Whether it's Web1.0 or Web3.0, that's just it. Internet technology continues to deepen and intelligence standards no longer exist.


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