How does the metaverse help students and teachers transition to a global world after it's released?

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A student at Beijing Chinese Medicine University studies acupuncture using augmented reality technology. Image: body map

We're all talking about this new digital reality, the metaverse. Metaverse has been hailed by Facebook as the "next level" of the Internet, and many see it as affecting the company's reputation. I believe there is more than that.

For example, “education”, which we consider to be the most important, cannot ignore the meaning of sublimating the world in education. Everything from paradise to racing cars will be a learning experience for future generations. Classes can travel anywhere from the Arctic to the LHC.

Before we criticize the metaverse, let's not forget how groundbreaking it is for educators and students around the world.

According to UNICEF, since the beginning of 2020, the global educational environment has undergone many changes and 91% of students are dropping out of school due to the contagion. They had to adapt overnight to distance learning, which was seen as a new learning experience. Thus, knowledge is not a rule, but a necessity.


A British Medical Journal article warns Iraqi children not to close schools in winter when they return to Baghdad after months of school closures. Photo: Reuters

If we can quickly use electronic devices to become learning tools in the event of contagion, we too will become early consumers of the metaverse.

Metaverse encourages students to unknowingly learn the sanctity of learning.

The term metaverse was coined by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson in 1992. The metaverse is a digital world accessible through virtual reality and reality. It not only covers the entire VR or virtual reality space, but also supports digital information in the real world through headphones or glasses. Today, this vision is not a reality, but has become a reality.


The Al Ittihad National Private School in Abu Dhabi is developing a "smart classroom" that uses projectors instead of traditional black or white boards. Photo: Delores Johnson / National

The metaverse can transform education around the world.

Simply put, the metaverse will allow everything as a class. For educators, this will help break down material resources into topics that may be part of a younger class. Immersive learning in the Metaverse allows teachers to work together to integrate subjects such as math and science to provide a learning and engaging experience.

For example: When an instructor is teaching a race car to students, immersion lessons can show how well a race car performs, how fast it drives, and what temperature and fast tires it can withstand. Through a combination of these events and theoretical knowledge acquired in school, academic achievement and the enjoyment of learning have been enhanced, and learning has a new meaning. At the same time, it gives teachers the opportunity to bridge the gap and identify nuances in the stages from think to action.

If that sounds unbelievable, in the UK, professionals and educators at Bradfield College started by challenging the creation of their own virtual reality-based teaching and learning events in various disciplines (history, science and geography) in response to the transmission. . By allowing them to learn key concepts in detail like never before, students are already able to access them.

So it has already happened small. The problem now is the size of adoption and affordability across the country.

Additionally, while comments made by Bradfield students in the early stages of the VR market are now false, long-term studies in Chinese classrooms have shown that using VR can be beneficial. for test performance. For "Level C" students, good VR training is better than "Level A" students. The study of these subjects applies to the disciplines of science, engineering and mathematics.

Instead, students will see real-world examples that unite the three disciplines and provide an immersive and engaging learning experience.


New Turkish-American digital artist Refik Anadol's "Machine Illusion Space: Metaverse Lot 1" at the Asian Digital Art Fair in Hong Kong in October 2021. Photo: EPA

Education plans have always been problematic and they have struggled to keep up with the rapidly changing world.I've said before that calculators can't always have a calculator in their pocket. At the time, they knew very little about cell phones.

But Metaverse can help you.

It will include new scientific experts from around the world. We can look up at the sky and ask Neil deGrasse Tyson to explain the structure of the Milky Way. Knowledge comes from everywhere, not just from textbooks and classrooms.

Tab sis,What is old is not just the current curriculum, but the way we learn.

The writing test is not intended to provide the education necessary for a wide range of life skills.

Changing the writing environment, imagining that virtual reality can make people discover the real world, like plugging in an outlet, fixing an outlet, or working without real risks in the real world. Science has figured it out. Learning by doing is always better than learning by doing.

As with any new technology, it is your responsibility as parents and educators to be vigilant.

Many parents believe that Metaverse will only add internet time or addiction to their children. However, this is not just a restriction, but how important our children's time management in the face of the metaverse is.

Most schools and parents can create a parent section on some websites and set a monitoring time. There is no reason to control access to the Metaverse. We know the downsides of the Internet, but we believe it has brought great benefits to education around the world. The same goes for the metaverse.

Our current generation is a metaverse race in its primitive form.

Games like Minecraft, which encourages collaboration between anonymous users, have attracted around 140 million players worldwide.

This is the main advantage of metaverse education,metaverse tauWe are “gamifying” education.In other words, the virtual, collaborative and functional characteristics of the metaverse are the pure grail of learning that allows students to learn without realizing it.

Research has repeatedly shown that learning works best when it's fun. The learning game is the future of learning. This is why the metaverse is suitable for learning.

The metaverse is another step in the evolution of the Internet. The internet has allowed us to have all the canons of human experience at our fingertips. Macros can provide more information to future students, but only if we do.


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