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2021 will certainly be a year in cryptocurrency history and a year in which crypto continues to grow. How will the cryptocurrency market evolve in 2022? Many universities have made various predictions about the relationship between cryptography, regulation, and macroeconomics.

Comparative estimates of the cryptocurrency market

According to the latest data from digital currency manager CoinShares on January 6, the cryptocurrency has hit a three-week rally. According to CoinShares, outflows from the crypto industry totaled $ 32 million last week, and outflows over the past three weeks totaled $ 260 million, with total inflows in 2021 at 9.3 billion. dollars, up 36% by 2020. It should be noted that Bitcoin has the lowest rate of capital growth compared to other cryptocurrencies. Among the various indicators in the chain, Bitcoin is generally inoperative and performing poorly, while traders are rewarded and roundup indicators show a negative image, according to the report, as new research data from blockchain data provider Glassnode .Glassnode concluded that further integration is needed by early 2022, with increased signal and signal balancing..

Former Wall Street trader and Bitcoin lawyer Max Keizer said:He estimates that the value of Bitcoin will reach $ 220,000,However, he changed his forecast for 2022 because his previous forecast for 2021 was incorrect. According to Keizer's tweet, he believes that counting the power behind the network, called a hashrate, is ahead of the value of the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin's hashrate rose 49% year-over-year to all-time highs of 203.5 EH / s this week, up from 136.5 exaHash per second (EH / s) in early January 2021.

Deflation could lead to further currency gains in 2022, according to Mike McGlone, director of marketing at Bloomberg. Spikes and falls in stocks as long as US Treasury bond yields indicate the potential for a resurgence of deflationary forces in 2022, which should be beneficial for Bitcoin and gold.Bitcoin hopes to reach $ 100,000,And gold was trading at $ 2,000.

Based on S&P Global Intelligence and Information Company,Cryptocurrency and decentralized finance will increase in 2022.In its latest report, the company looks at the current state of the market and notes that there are still some major issues that could affect adoption, but the market will grow and grow, in addition to the existing budget in the years to come. According to the report, tokenization can also be a powerful force in helping people invest in assets that would not be possible without these tools. In other words, tokenization can provide a way to achieve independence. Management will also be an important part of next year, and the industry still needs "management procedures that recognize the rights of token holders and smart contracts."

CNET rau 2022 crypto prediction points, encryption will become more important.; NFTs will create new members, markets will face bigger hacks and higher bond prices, stablecoins will play a key role, and new crypto rules will be introduced.

Salvadoran President Nayb Bukele tweeted his forecast for Bitcoin for 2022.1. 100 000 $.2. Many countries will accept it as fiat currency. 3. It will be a major issue in the US elections this year. 4. We are going to start building Bitcoin City. 5. Volcanic bonds may be oversubscribed.

Predicting Dominant Cryptocurrency Trends

When Forkast.News announced its forecast for the crypto industry in 2022, it pointed out that there would be three main points:DeFi will go to the theme and the advice will follow. NFT events will continue to evolve as change sets in, and the rise of DAOs will change the way we live, work and participate.

Finch Capital has announced its 2022 venture capital agreement with European fintech.Crypto / DeFi at the core and participating in the adoption of Crypto and DeFi paves the way for the global adoption of crypto.The report also states that increased HVAC investment in these projects has contributed to the overall improvement in regulatory compliance.

Coinbase announces the web and crypto economy in 202210 estimations,The new Layer1 chain will see significant growth, although it will grow further, including the expansion of Ethereum. The ease of use of L1-L2 cross link chains will be greatly improved, and zero-proof technology will receive more attention. DeFi and Chain On-kyc Regulated Evidence to Emerging Schools to Play Bigger Role in DeFi Integration DeFi Coverage Will Emerge NFT-As Communities Will Bring Significant Competition to Social Media Web 2.0 Brands Will Work on Metaverse and NFT Start Joining Web2 companies to leverage and take advantage of Web3 access, with the advent of DAO 2.0.

Canadian businessman and star investor Kevin O'Leary said in an interview:I think NFT will be bigger than Bitcoin.. NFTs have a wide range of value in terms of identification, inventory management and various applications in different assets. My favorite NFTs include fixed assets, physical assets, and major investments in Immutable Holdings, which owns NFT.com, which launched in January, and WonderFi, a company that embeds assets into the crypto space. A lot of work is being done to make NFT so ubiquitous and resilient on every blockchain. These assets are enormous,I think 2022 will be the first year of the NFT."

Block announced his forecast for 2022 as follows:The L2 ecosystem will have more growth than the L1.; ZK rollup (ZKR) will be adopted more than major support (ORU), with StarkNet as the leader. Mining experts estimate that there will be more than 30 state-owned Bitcoin mining companies by the end of 2022. Industry experts predict that future ETH ETFs will be considered good in 2022, ETF-based sites will not. BTC or ETH. In addition,Some analysts believe the integration of Ethereum 2.0 will take place by the end of 2022..

Estimation of policy changes

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Benoit Coeure, director of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Center, announced that the global cryptocurrency regulator could be ready by 2022. Given that cryptocurrencies have entered the general public, Coeure mentioned:The time is now in full control.The former ECB president seems particularly concerned that DeFi's rapid growth poses a "risk" as a threat to traditional financing (TradFi). Coeure argues that there are many decisions that could suggest ways to regulate cryptocurrency, which is not universally relevant. CornHe believes that there is still enough time to avoid management controversies and establish global governance of current heritage.Coeure also said consumer protection should be a top priority for policymakers. Therefore, he advises banning pensions from interfering with cryptocurrencies to avoid risk aversion.

A few days ago, Blockfi co-founder and SVP Flori Marquez spoke to Yahoo Financial Live to discuss the future prospects of cryptocurrency through 2022. He said: “L Next year, we will see many American consumers entering this site for the first time. Second, we will see a "skills renewal" as many people change jobs due to the COVID-19 spread all over. The fintech places are very. very attractive, ”he noted.The rules will be further clarified in 2022.

Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike McGlone shares his thoughts on the future of the cryptocurrency industry. Inspired by China's restrictions and the expansion of new technologies such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs, McGlone said:We are American2022With the adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2018 and the appropriate regulation and impact on prices, Bitcoin appears to be in the $ 100,000 orbit and we will see bullish breaks, repairs and renewals.Unlimited supply of fiat currency should support price increases, especially in Bitcoin and Ethereum, where resources are scarce, and we plan to use widely, overcoming most trade, such as a nearly 50% correction in 2021. In addition, some normalizations in the stock market rally and continued decline in US Treasury yields could also affect Bitcoin and Ethereum data. As we move into early 2022, the key question for Bitcoin is whether it will peak or continue to join the bull market. We believe this is the end, and around the world, the benchmark cryptocurrency is on its way to becoming an international discount. Significant support in 2022 could be around $ 50,000 and protect around $ 100,000. ~

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried told Bloomberg thatOverall, the rules for cryptocurrencies will be clearer in 2022.He said the government's role will boost the cryptocurrency market and facilitate access for major investors. He also said 2022 would be a major loophole in fiscal stability with greater involvement from the SEC and CFTC.

Stablecoin and CBDC estimate

Forkast Founder and Editor-in-Chief Angie Lau said that if 2021 is a big year for cryptocurrencies, then 2022 will bring major changes to digital assets, as the state's digital advantages remain significant. . whatever you're looking at,2022 appears to have been set as an important year for the CBDCs.As the race for CBDCs intensifies, the key question is: Can national tax policies be implemented in 2022? Is it possible to allow private cryptocurrencies to participate in the financial regulation of countries that have launched CBDCs and many countries that are trying to create them? Instead, do they have political ambitions? Otherwise, now the Spanish wave in the cryptocurrency realm could be a tsunami.

Forbes has announced its forecast for the cryptocurrency and blockchain market in 2022. The letter says NFTs will be boring in 1.2022. In particular, due to the large number of misconceptions regarding the operation and valuation of DTVs in the market, it is common for people to focus on the actual value and use of DTVs.2. Stable coins will be common According to the presidential task force, between October 2020 and October 2021, fixed coin spending increased by 500% and this adoption indicates that there is a decrease..3. Continuation of cryptocurrency payments. The gap in the use of crypto assets for trading in 2021 appears to be stable as large organizations such as PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard accept cryptocurrencies. 4. Bitcoin will hit $ 100,000, raise rates, facilitate financial security, and increase the growth of crypto assets around the world. All the signals indicate that the crypto assets will be there.

Sean Steinsmith, professor at the Lyman School at the City University of New York, writes that pro-stability policies can help make 2022 an important year for the industry.Smith predicts that a certain policy could and will accelerate the recovery in fixed income.:Different pieces of stability. In order to further improve and expand the range of fixed assets, it is necessary to distinguish between fixed funds and other crypto assets. Financial competition is good. The competition is good and the best of the other tools will be put into the options that have become the norm. Teaching should be easier. It is now reported that the liabilities appear to be appropriate for crypto assets that are more volatile than fixed income. He understands that government officials want to collect taxes on time, but that is not a problem. The problem is that the rules that have been implemented have implications for the intended use of stablecoins. Final remarks,As we move into 2022, now is the best time to review, revise and improve the policies and procedures associated with fixed income securities.Stable coins can play a vital role in providing gateways and solutions to market players with a wide range of skills, and beneficial policies can go a long way towards achieving this goal.

Macro environment change forecast

Three people who know about the problem say:The board is preparing for a meeting to explore the environmental impact of mining cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin.The Department of Energy and Commercial Research and the Department of Research appear to be developing a special list of evidence to explain the use of cryptographically certified evidence. The time and witness list have not yet been set, but the hearing is expected to end until the end of this month. A source close to the board and the previous meeting said the board was particularly concerned about recent events in New York state.

Citi strategists expect:,2022Slowing global economic growth and rising inflation in 2018;And grow your product business. Experts including Jamie Fahy have said they expect growth to slow as the current cycle intensifies, given the risk of a slowdown and rising inflation. New trade is expected to be higher than in developed countries. They noted in the report that the variation in earnings versus Treasuries and credit and higher risk in some emerging markets also fell to the metal's base and the average of the stock movement.

TD SecuritiesThe dollar could strengthen in 2022 as the Fed plans to hike rates in early March.JPMorgan analysts also said, “The Fed's announcement indicates that March is imminent, and we remain confident that the risk / outlook will respect that return and support the dollar into the new year. EUR / USD rallied in a range of 1.12 to 1.14, but there is still a risk of falling below as rumors of the end of the balance sheet will raise US interest rates.

On January 5, Goldman Sachs estimates:As long as the Fed continues to raise rates slowly, the dollar is likely to depreciate this year.. Goldman Sachs analyst Zach Pandl said in a research note that the US dollar is expected to fall sharply this year, which deviates from consensus. Risks to the US dollar at the start of 2022 are biased upward. The Canadian dollar is probably the best performing G-10 this year, while the Australian dollar is probably the best performing. Normalization of the rule can only support the euro if the ECB raises prices.

UBS said.The S&P 500 will perform differently in the first and second half of 2022, rising in the first half and falling in the second half.Experts led by Keith Parker say the S&P 500 could surpass 5,000 with 13% EPS travel demand in the second quarter of 2022, and the decline in COVID-19 is expected to deepen and affect financial emergencies. Prices are expected to continue through 2022, with Fed rate hikes and political uncertainty slowing EPS growth, with the S&P 500 expected to return to 4,850 by the end of the year. Financials, energy and assets are expected to emerge in the first half of the year on the basis of strong yields, expectations of a Fed rate hike and strong EPS.


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