Another case of virtual currency has been pursued. How far can the Pangu community go?

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At the end of the year, many fakes of the world's wealth are spread, and they all have the desire to make money in the year of prosperity. It is true that some traders have harvested recently!

又一起虚拟货币案件宣判 盘古社区还能走多远?

The scary thing is that in currency exchange, anything can be fried and everything can be hot! Similar to CX's "Hello2022" coin and "Crazy2022" coin over the past two days, the headline was written assuming the trader is from the company responsible for the subsequent placement. With hot spots!

又一起虚拟货币案件宣判 盘古社区还能走多远?

Do not think that you will end up sharing the leek in the community and cutting it down, it is your legal responsibility.

Hongze Court Sentenced for Blockchain Fraud Case!

Since 2019, attorneys Li and others have led Huang, the head of the fraudulent group, to organize a group for all victims through WeChat chats and other means in foreign countries, and to develop special fraudulent procedures to attract victims "Aojing International". Once the victim of an investment in a virtual currency trading platform has tasted the sweetness of large investments, the technology to control the rise and fall of the platform's index prompts the victim to invest and illegally seize the victim's capital.

The court sentenced 16 people, including the accused Lee, to 11 to 3 years in prison for the purpose of possessing false information and concealing facts to deceive others. . The total fine for negligence and negligence was 2.02 million yuan, the victims' business loss was 61.12 million yuan, and the illegal income of 153,200 yuan was recovered.

又一起虚拟货币案件宣判 盘古社区还能走多远?

This is a classic example of a “pig hunt” to steal money from blockchain and virtual currency! And Aircoin and junkcoin advertised by various WeChat groups have products like this!

So if anything like the above happens, gather evidence and notify the police as soon as possible so that the crooks do not go to justice.

In December, there were several platforms, including Block Tianyan.He presents an MLM record called "Pangu Community"., discover that there are "pastors" who deceive ordinary people who know nothing.

又一起虚拟货币案件宣判 盘古社区还能走多远?

These MLM evangelists lure unsuspecting cell phone users to cut the FIST Pangu Community Coin and the OSK Oscar Coin to pieces. Now, 30,000 yuan has exceeded 2,000 yuan. people don't understand. I don't know what happened.

又一起虚拟货币案件宣判 盘古社区还能走多远?

Pangu Community FIST and OSK are MLM pieces that specialize in scamming ignorant adults. If the family around you invests, withdraw money as soon as possible and avoid losses on time! And if you write investment related letters, induced investment screenshots, and other information to the nearest police station and alert the police, you can help them do it. Discover and recover your losses!

又一起虚拟货币案件宣判 盘古社区还能走多远?

Others need to be extra careful. Don't be brainwashed by members of the Pangu community! Otherwise, they will say you hurt yourself after the fall. Ask how people's money got scammed in the Pangu community in the first place.

又一起虚拟货币案件宣判 盘古社区还能走多远?

At the end of the year there is a surf and a racing wave. The MLM grid with the name of "virtual currency" is very inexpensive. Even if one or two spread out and one or two escape, thousands of new grids will turn off and continue to deceive. So we have to be careful and stay away from black platforms and Aircoins which depend on the hype!


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