10 questions every Bitcoin newbie should know

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每个比特币初试者都应了解的 10 个问题

Bitcoin traders want to know more about Bitcoin. Traders should learn as much as possible about all aspects of Bitcoin, as traders can only make prudent decisions when they are familiar with it.

We've written, researched, and featured 10 Frequently Asked Questions Newcomers to Bitcoin Asked and answered them below. You can learn some basic information about Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency.

Have you ever wondered how long you've been sitting there and questions about Bitcoin kept in your head? To answer these questions, you or a Bitcoin developer should know the following information about Bitcoin.

1. What is cryptocurrency?

One of the benefits used for online payments is cryptocurrency. These coins are available as tokens or coins. Bitcoin is still a cryptocurrency. While many other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is one of the most popular and recognized in the world.

2. When was Bitcoin created?

Bitcoin entered the real estate market in 2009. At that time, people didn't get famous very quickly, and they saw it as a real asset, not a means of payment or a currency.

3. Who invented Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was created by a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows more about that person, whether it's a personal project or a team project.

So far, no one has seen the incredible Satoshi Nakamoto of the person, he disappeared after the creation of Bitcoin, and no one has ever heard of him again.

4. Is Bitcoin real money?

No, Bitcoin is not real money. In addition, it is not a bureau de change. Bitcoin is a currency that can be purchased with paper money. The purchase is done through e-commerce and the buyer can also pay the fees face to face with the seller of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is another form of payment for products and services. In order to treat Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies like real money, the consent and oversight of the government and the laws of the country must be followed.

5. Is Bitcoin Worth It?

Yes, Bitcoin is worth it. But are these costs stable? No, its value is unstable and volatile. The price of Bitcoin fluctuates widely, and the level of trading is sometimes risky.

This means that the value of Bitcoin will fluctuate more depending on the value of the Bitcoin consumer's store and the money in their wallet.

6. Why do people confuse Bitcoin?

The main reason people confuse Bitcoin is that Bitcoin is confused. Only those who are passionate about investing in Bitcoin can know everything about investing in Bitcoin. For others, it can be stressful.

7. Does anyone buy Bitcoin?

Yes, anyone can buy Bitcoin, but buying Bitcoin is not as easy as you might think. Traders must first find a reseller and identify the Bitcoin.

Buyers also need a Bitcoin wallet where they can keep their Bitcoins safe for other transactions. Understanding the role of the Bitcoin wallet is important, but not as important as Bitcoin.

8. Is Bitcoin a bad investment?

Bitcoin is not exactly a bad investment. The answer to this question always lies between black and white.

It is not true that Bitcoin is a bad investment, but it is not true if Bitcoin is a long term investment.

It would be nice to invest 5-10% of the money you have in the bitcoin market and see how it plays out without having to invest a lot of energy in bitcoin.

9. Is it legal or illegal to use bitcoin?

It depends on how you use your bitcoin, but that doesn't mean bitcoin is illegal.

Investing heavily in Bitcoin often affects the local interests of that country, many governments and laws and regulations in many countries fear Bitcoin and reject it.

10. Is Bitcoin Safe?

Since Bitcoin is stored in the buyer's electronic wallet, the security and protection of the cryptocurrency is dependent on the security of the wallet chosen by the merchant.

But even so, your Bitcoin wallet is not secure. This is because Bitcoin wallets cannot claim 100% security against Bitcoin. If someone loses their bitcoins, no bank or government agency will support them or help the merchant get their money back.

Here are the top 10 questions about Bitcoin in online travel. If you have any further questions, take the time to know all the important Bitcoin information so that you know before you invest.


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