New law protects status of cryptocurrency conflicts in 2021

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Next year. In 2021, financial policy "disappears" and the mining industry "disappears" with two heavyweights.

The freebies aren't on the list, but I think a lot of media circles have looked at them.

The last sentence of 2020 is reserved for "currency protection”, Evokes the new statute of the policy of defense.

Defending civil rights is difficult, not "general"

Legal Protection in Opinion 924 - “Any legal entity, non-partisan organization or individual investor in virtual assets and other devices;In case of violation of public morals and ethics, the conduct of the Code of Civil Procedure is invalid, and the beneficiary of no."- speak.

In fact, prior to 924, many miscarriages were inconsistent with most Circulars 94 and 289. However, some trust and confidentiality issues were still tested accordingly. as a theory of ordinary circumstances.

However, a lot has changed since Notice 924. The court system, discussing the fading of "coins",In almost 90% of cases, references to “exhibit” are “void” by default and “not protected by law” by default.

Take Guangdong as an example, consumers lose their coins and sue the seller for the wallet. The court ruled that the portfolio support services did not play a sufficient role in preventing the risk, that the responsibility of the inspirer was not fulfilled when the risk arose and the user is responsible for the loss of its parts. Therefore, the wallet trader decides to reimburse the service charge. However, coins dropped from a wallet are not considered legal protection under applicable laws, so the risk of impact depends on the user's personal risk and risk. not to pay.

There are those who wonder whether it is necessary to reimburse the service fees and benefits as it turns out that there is a problem with the management of the wallet which results in the loss of coins. It is sometimes exchanged for other assets. However, now that the content is "parts", it is not the same reason. The court's opinion is that the commercial service agreement between the user and the service provider's wallet is established and protected by law, and the service provider's wallet is protected. to be paid back.Since the "coin" in the wallet is an item which is not protected by law, the seller of the wallet is not responsible for the loss and the user is required to take risks.

I remember judgment of Guangzhou Court. Participants are constantly missed on the calling of an appeal by removing the private key. The court is not protected by "coins" and is not reaching all the process.

Someone couldn't help but ask. Is there any current way to test yourself further because in these situations there is no need to fan yourself and pay attention to the arrogance of the "defendant"?

if this is true The more you defend, the more difficult it will be to cool the "corner circle". ThereforeIt's almost a way to get your paycheck back from the bottom pot.,start from zero, lose unprotected coins, the private key is not badly deleted or protected, the investment entrusted or the loss is not protected ... It seems to say "player".If you can control many "souls and blood" in this cycle, "Coin Circle" will play as you want, but if something does happen, don't be against it. Protect your rights no matter what. Stay away from the “corner circle” if you don't want to lose money and people. In this way, we hope that the "coin cycle" becomes a negative and market niche.

Assessing, filing a complaint is not that difficult.

Compared to the "hard" public, criminals emerge. The difficulty of taking legal action is lower than in the past.

In other words, the protection of victims goes even further.

In the past, many people have done cryptocurrency scams or banknotes, and people all over the country have sued, and it was unfortunate that they were fired no matter where they lived. But now, especially from the fourth quarter, the situation with Yihuo Xiaolu has changed a lot.After having prepared the basic information, and followed the warning plans and the good practices, the public security agency was satisfied to accept the case of the cycle.

When announcing a case and presenting a case, the most important thing is "proof". Recklessly gathering flags or groups to brief the police is unnecessary and unnecessary to track down.

You can only determine whether your loss can be recovered after the lawsuit is settled. It's hard to say that you don't need to think too much and be patient while you wait, but there will be some surprises.

Of course, I have also met many victims, and I hope that the perpetrators will be brought to justice after receiving all kinds of protections. Then ask the product manager to look at or follow up on different situations.

In short, the victims of the change in 2022, let's do it~~~

Besides, readers will not believe it.Why is there more protection in criminal cases when there is no protection in civil cases? The principle of criminal law is separate from social and security law, as well as from guidance and punishment for various acts.As an important example, A and B influence the arguments, the law is never supported. If there is a due process hearing, the contract is not required. However, on A's way to market, the controversy in the bag was stolen. The police still arrest the thief and the thief will be punished according to the law, but the contents of the bag will not be returned.


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