Top Analysts Believe Bitcoin To Hit $ 120,000 Next Year, Reveal 7 More Coins

币圈二三事 view 16 2021-11-25 13:33
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Chief crypto analyst Forrest Przybysz brings mixed news on Bitcoin.

He said Bitcoin could reach $ 120,000 by early 2022, but that could cause the Bitcoin bubble to burst.

He also recognized seven other benefits that could benefit from the global meta and digital currency.


Forrest Przybysz, head of cryptocurrency investments at Token Metrics, is optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and has abandoned Bitcoin's recent 15% correction. Przybysz believes Bitcoin is up 66% for the seventh week in a row, so it could face a sell off.

Volatility is a measure of exchange rates and can affect when, where and how you invest. Volatility refers to the change in an asset's value relative to its natural behavior or measurement. Unreliable price changes are considered more risky. Bitcoin is a very valuable resource.

Przybysz believes Bitcoin will hit $ 120,000 in January and May of next year, and says the current “worst case scenario” is a correction to $ 44,000.

The supporting force behind the Bitcoin rocket could be the Bitcoin Spot Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Przybysz said the Bitcoin Futures ETF was launched in October and drove Bitcoin's uptrend, but said ETFs backed by direct funds would be a better development. He said this catalyst could push Bitcoin to its "renewal" target of $ 150,000, or $ 180,000.

Watch out for the bitcoin boom

Przybysz acknowledged that if Bitcoin doubles from its current level, it will not rise in a straight line. He said the recent increase could be limited to $ 79,000, about $ 10,000 more than the previous record.

Although Bitcoin surpassed its target of $ 120,000 next year, Przybysz said that would not be a good thing for long-term investors. Because that could be the end of the bullish Bitcoin market.

Przybysz said, “We are entering a new phase in the crypto cycle, which marks the end of the four-year bull market. Bitcoin is four years and one year. The time, the weight. The time. But the radical is increasing almost always, always, encountered heavy crashes and weakness. "

7 other funds benefit from Meta Universe and treasury

If Bitcoin rises, another benefit, often defined as a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, could help.

Przybysz is bullish on 7 small altcoins. In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, it itself has three other currencies: Wonderland, Avalanche and Nano.

Przybysz said he was excited about Metaverse as a growth investment over the next several years.

Przybysz said, “Because I think the Metaverse is the future, I think the Metaverse will be the continuation of what people are always involved in and invest in.

1. SandboxSandbox


cim: The arrow

market value: $ 3.8 billion

how to use: Blockchain-based video games provide a digital world where users can create and trade digital assets.

2. Decentralization


cim: or

market value: $ 7.2 billion

how to use: A virtual reality platform that allows users to create content and earn money.

3. Illubium


cim: ILV

market value: $ 688 million

how to use: Ethereum based open world video game where users can fight while collecting and trading digital goods.

4. The featured photothe star of the atlas


cim: Atlas

market value: $ 345 right

how to use: An online multiplayer game in a virtual world where users compete for resources and control.

5. The forestthe forest


cim: Time

market value: USD 500 those

how to use: A decentralized reserve currency created in the Avalanche network backed by a basket of assets with the aim of becoming a daily medium of exchange.

6. Languageavalanche


cim: Avax

market valueGDP: $ 30.4 billion

how to use: A blockchain platform for business applications competing with Ethereum.




market value: 716 the labo

how to use: It's a lightweight digital currency that makes payments fast and secure.

This“There's a new argument that people need a cash solution. Amazon will not accept Visa services in UK due to the high cost. There is an intermediary who will do it. The need to pay the exchange rate is a major problem. This is another interesting problem. Nano: They hired a consultant to become CEO of FlowHub, A Solution For Selling Cannabis: “Most cannabis trading is done in cash because many big payers don't make money in the cannabis industry, you can use it as an alternative. "


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