Jack Dorsey's Spiral Reveals Video Demo of Bitcoin Lightning Network Development Kit

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Square's crypto division, renamed to Block, has launched the Lightning Network Development Kit (LDK) aimed at accelerating the development of the Bitcoin network.

On December 7th, Jack Dorsey's Spiral team released a video demonstrating the capabilities of the Bitcoin Lightning Network and the Lightning Network Development Kit (LDK).

LDK is designed to help developers integrate their applications into the Lightning network of mobile device and product (POS) devices.

LDK supports native APIs using Rust, C, Swift, Java, and Kotlin coding languages. This allows developers to customize the wallet app in their language of choice and eliminate the need to separate Bitcoin and Lightning Network wallets.

In the video, the former Twitter CEO described LDK as a project that "makes it easy for developers around the world to build a portfolio."

We made a short video on our major project of the last few years, the Power Network. We wanted to use the doll to play Jack, but in the end we chose the real Jack.
--Spirale (@spiralbtc) November 6, 2021

In the video, puppet Jack Dorsey uses the Lightning Network (LN) to pay for services and interact with cashiers and treasurers. He uses his LN mobile wallet app to pay for nose rings and movie tickets, and the videos go to the Spiral group to discuss the benefits of Bitcoin and LN.

Spiral, formerly known as Square Crypto, has been developing Bitcoin wallet solutions since its inception in 2019. In addition to LDK, Spiral is also developing Bitcoin enhancement tools that enable cross-platform wallet transactions on the platform.

The Lightning Network is a second generation solution for Bitcoin, and it turns Bitcoin into real payments, says Haley Berkoe, Spiral Operations Manager.

Spiral's Conor Okus hopes his LDK will increase adoption of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network by "giving people around the world a way to save money and get involved."

The launch of this product coincides with a lucky time for Lightning users as the number of plans on the Lightning Network is at an all time high. According to a new reading from Bitcoin Visuals, the number of nodes with the active frequency of the Lightning network is 18,905.

Over the past three months, the total number of nodes has increased by 23% and 3,534 new ones have been added. According to data from 1ML, LN's current network capacity is 3,285 BTC, or about $ 166 million.


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