Metaverse Cyber ​​Startup Completes $6.7M Funding With 3 Arrow Capital Involved

2022-1-21 06:50
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Golden Finance was created by startup Metaverse Cyber, Three Arrows Capital, TCG Capital Management and Cozomo de Medici, artist Joey Colombo, Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover, Adobe Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky, founder of Not Boring Packy McCormick, the founder of Art Blocks Erick. , Anonymous 6529, DeeZe and Gmoney. Announced in February 2021 to create virtual theaters for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Cyber ​​unveiled a new system that connects virtual theater creators from the portal. The new funds will mainly be used to expand the group based on product development. The founder of cyber, Rayan Boutaleb, said that the purpose of cyber was "to get people to use space big and small". (several blocks)

BTC fell below $41,000.
BTC fell below $41,000 and is currently down 5.31% on the day at $40,997.71. The market fluctuates a lot, so manage your risk well.
2022-1-21 06:48