Fed: Central bank digital currencies will continue, without change, the digital mode of payment.

2022-1-21 03:35
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On January 21, the Fed published a free article on digital currencies. We have no intention of continuing to advertise digital banking without management and leadership support. The best form must have special rules approved. Digital banking payments will continue and will not replace digital payment methods. Central bank digital currencies can change the structure of the US financial system, changing the roles and responsibilities of private companies and central banks. Problems with 20 digital bank accounts in 120 days.

Cardano will soon update more Plutus script storage.
On January 20, Cardano's parent company IOHK announced a major update. The first exchange will take effect on January 25, 5 days after the application resumes. Improving the memory/CPU of Plutus is not yet one of the 11 ways Cardano plans to measure in 2022. Other options include increased size, pipelines, InputEndorsers, Node, disk upgrade storage, sidechains, Layer2Hydra scaling solutions, offload calculations and Mithril solutions. (U.Today)
2022-1-21 03:06