China Mobile: Create a Frozen Metaverse Dream Team

2022-1-15 17:09
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Golden Financial announced the first release of "Ice and Snow Boy" hosted by international freestyle skiing champion Gu Ailing, "China Mobile 5G Ice and Snow Ambassador" on January 15. Time. 5G GU ice and snow data intelligence, developed by China Mobile based on Gu Ailing, is also approved in "Frozen Boy". Currently, Encounter GU is involved in promoting ice and snow sports, and China Mobile plans to launch more ice and snow to set up an ice and snow exchange group.

Franklin Templeton CEO: Blockchain can play a key role in supporting the ESG process.
Golden Financial announced that on January 15, the "Global Financial Management Summit/Shanghai Suhuawan Summit" was held in Shanghai with the theme "the new economy and the financial landscape in numbers as the return of the earth". Franklin Templeton President and CEO Jenny Johnson was in attendance and gave a keynote address. Jenny Johnson noted that investors are known to focus on more than environment, relationships, governance (ESG) and sustainable investing. Bloomberg estimates that about $120 billion will go into ESG investing in 2021, up from $4 billion five years ago. For more than two years, ESG-engineered manufacturing has been one of the hottest investments in the world. (Sina Financial)
2022-1-15 17:00