Bank of America: More than 70% of businesses expect the Fed to tighten its debt after its first rate hike.

2022-1-14 23:59
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According to a Bank of America survey, the percentage of financial executives who want the Fed to start consolidating debt after the first rate hike has risen 16% per month to 72%. In December, investors generally expected interest rates to decline when interest rates exceeded 1%. While these forecasts have led to a weakening of potential assets, the main expectation is that the industry will experience growth and inflation in 2022. The economic outlook, combined with hawkish banking trade in December, has led to continued economic downturns. sales in the United States. , the markets of the euro zone and the United Kingdom. Almost half of those polled believe the ECB will hike rates in the first quarter of 2023. Significant risks for 2022 include central bank support, rising interest rates per share and inflation. (Ten of gold)

CoinbaseCloud Launches Web3 Developer Forum
According to the official Coinbase blog, Coinbase Cloud has launched a Web3 Developer Forum to encourage the Web3 developer community to share information and learn from each other using this forum. Developers can connect with the Coinbase Cloud community, including experts and moderators who can answer questions and participate in discussions.
2022-1-14 23:35