With 1427 pages of patent information, we uncover the metaverse secrets of the meta.

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57 patents decipher the layout of the metaverse! How to make money, Xiao Zha can help you.

Social Big Meta has poured $10 billion into its own Metaverse! Recently, information about hardware products and business processes in the metaverse has been sent.

Based on the information from the Meta Recruitment website, we are looking for communication officers in Greater China and preparing to enter the Metaverse market in China. If the Quest series enters the VR hardware industry, it could lead to a new battle in the home VR industry.

刷完1427页专利文件 我们发现了Meta的元宇宙秘密

job meta site

Twenty days have passed until 2022, and in those 20 short days, Meta has obtained at least 57 patents related to social, technological, stage and other applications. .

刷完1427页专利文件 我们发现了Meta的元宇宙秘密

List of 57 patents received from Meta (SmartThings) from January 1, 2022 to January 20, 2022

Of the 57 patents granted recently, Zhishi found that these patents relate to the design and manufacture of products and materials, the design of products and other information, and the development of production and the production of goods are the most currents. Likewise, there are also tutorials regarding, for example, the creation of virtual avatars and the management of certain user features.

刷完1427页专利文件 我们发现了Meta的元宇宙秘密

Some screenshots patented by Meta

The patent application period approved for this period is the beginning of 2019, so it can be seen that the meta change is not finicky. Whether it's a hardware or software ecosystem, the meta has already defined the layout.

How can social giant Meta have a secure job as a social media leader and dominate the market with its assets? How does the metaverse metaverse report work? With 57 patents, we can see Xiaozha's technology needs in three areas with the most patents: communications, hardware, and advertising.

Preparing the social metaverse,

Will meta-rights as "community leader" be stable?

In the Age of Internet Relations, Meta CEO Zuckerberg has risen to the level of the global Internet giant with his "Family Bucket" social software, and now the meta value market has reached $897 billion .

刷完1427页专利文件 我们发现了Meta的元宇宙秘密

Jan 1 - Jan 19 2:00 PM Meta Market Price Changes

Conversation has always been the basis of meta. According to the new patent application, the meta is still in the works. Meta received a total of 13 social patents in 2022.

For example, from two UI patents based on music and UI graphic design, it can be seen that Meta will focus on voice interaction for future interaction software.

刷完1427页专利文件 我们发现了Meta的元宇宙秘密

User interface for listening to and recognizing music

How does meta promote the social behaviors of people in the metaverse? Two licenses will be issued on January 4, serial number 42 "Virtual avatar personalization and fidelity" and serial number 46 "Interaction with social networks" will support us.

Which Meta likes you but didn't create a virtual avatar from the image?

According to information published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Meta granted the patent titled Avatar fidelity and Personalization on January 4, 2019 and applied on September 7, 2019.

This patent typically uses a custom avatar engine to create a personal avatar from a 3D user model created from one or more images of the user himself.

When you submit a photo of yourself, the avatar personalization engine system creates a 3D model, then compares the 3D model with a 3D model of the "native" design in the file to see the difference.

刷完1427页专利文件 我们发现了Meta的元宇宙秘密

Avatar customization system

The system then customizes the 3D model as much as possible by "reshaping" it based on characteristics such as hair, eyebrows, face and eye color.

A dialogue joint venture? Meta helps you manage network systems.

In this patent. 46 "Conversational Communication", Mehta believes that sharing information across multiple websites is not only difficult to operate, but also time-consuming.

For example, some of the news you see on Weibo cannot be directly shared with friends on Xiaohongshu and Twitter. As long as you can send the affected screenshots to your friends, they will open their platforms to search for the affected content. The whole process is cumbersome and time-consuming and reduces the fun of sharing for users.

In response to these challenges, Meta has developed an application that makes it easy to share information about your contacts, such as close friends, contacts, etc.

Users can share their contacts and share multiple files on the platform in communication with their friends or family. However, the interface you use to communicate with people you don't know will be simpler.

In addition, Meta recognized the problem of publishing data between the two interfaces and felt that the notifications of the two different software should be determined so that users could create personal relationships.

Looking at these two patents, we can see that Meta has paid more attention to both content sharing and personal support from the user's perspective in the social software development process. Combined with existing patents in social media integration, social media status, etc., it can influence the meta desire to continue to be a metaverse social leader.

Demystifying Meta's Hardcore Black Tech

Especially in disputes

In material orientation, meta uses a lot of energy. In Meta Vision, hardware tools now also offer a wide range of solutions for repair: optical design solutions, memory, screens, head risers and waveguides.

By how to reduce the rainbow effect of waveguide information, how to extend the life of screens, to create a better AR experience, Meta gave his ideas in the form declared patent.

Can you record the "rainbow effect" of optical waveguide? Meta intelligently creates values.

In normal light waveguide reflection, the "rainbow effect" occurs when some of the light outside of the user's vision is cut off from the user's vision.

According to the patent 32 "Rainbow Reduction for Waveguide Display", a multi-layer grating with a special design can be the new solution to reduce the "rainbow effect".

“A raster layer can have multiple layers, including at least the first layer and the second layer,” the patent application states.

Unlike multi-layer processes, Meta expects the measurement profile of the second layer of multi-layer composite lines to be replaced by the measurement profile of the first layer. In this way, the diffracted rays of the two structural layers are affected to some extent, reducing the "rainbow effect".

刷完1427页专利文件 我们发现了Meta的元宇宙秘密

Meta-design return model

Real-time monitoring of wear tests, "10 years" use screen possible in meta?

Although the display screen is an integral part of the hardware, some damage occurs with prolonged use. In addition to constantly improving the screen itself, Meta is working to extend the life of the display screen by the system.

In this patent. 41 "Show degradation load", the new system first determines the temperature measurement parameters of the screen, the light-emitting element array, etc., and then the system receives each hand grid by thermometer . The average temperature, depending on the temperature of the transition, the image output of different pixels, the system can achieve degradation of different lighting conditions. After obtaining the real time of the screen, the new system adjusts the values ​​of the pixels of the image using the measurement indicator associated with several grids.

Looking at the existing process, you can see that meta is not unique in the product development of various software like in the social internet era. The meta pays for the inadequacy of its own hardware to provide users with a better mix of software and hardware knowledge.

How to make money on the metaverse?

Metapatent's Hidden Response

In the revenue model, we often see the direction in which a business is actually looking to grow, and by default the business is usually based on that.

Metaverse hasn't arrived yet, but Meta has plans to make money on Metaverse.

machine learning,Personal recommendations,mediumeta leaves "hands on hands" to users.

Five of those patents apply to user agreements, and Meta believes personal services will continue to be an important part of the service.

No. 45 “Using Machine Learning and Comprehensive Utility Scores of Multiple Event Categories to Improve Digital Content Distribution” is a new initiative developed by Meta for personal information services.

In the context of patent information, "The process of exporting digital content may be digital planning and delivery of content to users of choice (such as target users), but these systems do not seem to change .” Scientists find that the distribution of digital content. system suffers from improper distribution and poor performance.

The new system will create two data models, the first is to create user data that has changed in real time for all users across various considerations such as preferences, purchases, and comments.

User profiles can not only provide graphical representations of each user, but also push relevant content based on new graphical portraits, but also machine learning to create a new training model with this information and train users with similar pictures, you can buy it. , comments and more to increase conversion rates.

In the patent application, R&D personnel receive examples from users. The first model simply collects information about the product the user buys, lists the purchased product, and estimates which field the user would prefer by learning the technology.

The second model uses machine learning to push digital content to users with similar functionality and train more users into their shopping cart, thereby improving user value.

The design of new technology can be adjusted according to user preferences, push content can be adjusted in time for specific groups, and not limited to the change of special users yes.

刷完1427页专利文件 我们发现了Meta的元宇宙秘密

Meta encourages user behavior through machine learning.

Do you want to import consumer products? Don't forget to pay the meta-insurance fee

In addition to buys and buys, ad revenue has always been a key source of revenue for Meta. According to Meta's third-quarter 2021 financials, the venture capital firm raised more than $28 billion (about RMB 178.4 billion), up 33% year-on-year. 97% of total income.

Meta continues to develop "ad marketing" in the metaverse. Serial number 12 "How to choose advertising material in an image", this patent combines the content of various meta patents in the past and specifically describes advertising that can be used in human relations. Image files that add product tags.

For example, I will post a photo that I am wearing today. The market leader of a particular brand will see a picture of you in the new shoe and add a link to their product on the tag of that picture. When other users see your photos, they can click the tag link to your online store.

This patent uses all the advantages of the investment layer of the relationship itself, improving the user's ability to transport the goods, but also includes the user's right to use the images.

In the descriptive patent that follows, the researchers claim that the link can be modified to a new page, background page, application, applet, pop-up window, or other interface or menus where the user can access other product information.

刷完1427页专利文件 我们发现了Meta的元宇宙秘密

Metasearch improves the behavior of ads with links.

By improving its e-commerce products or expanding its advertising benefits, Meta is building on its existing models to improve disruptive services and hopefully gain traction. The benefits continue through the Metaverse social network.

Conclusion: grasping the status of a large company,

Meta includes software and hardware integration.

With 57 patents granted this year, we see that the meta continues to focus on the characteristics of relationships and the desire to earn more money in advertising and e-commerce.

But at the same time, while developing the next generation on the Internet, we are also working hard on the hardware, and we want to develop service packages that include software and hardware to pay for the inadequacy of the Internet relationships themselves.

These patents are not just meta ideas in this guide, but show that they both have their own deep metaverse layout, whether it's software that improves network relationships or hardware that builds, as well as for a variety of applications.


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