Intel announced its first operating card next month! Pushing Power-Saving ASIC Chips for the Bitcoin Mining Market

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The International Semiconductor Circuit Conference (ISSCC), known as the Olympics in the field of integrated circuit design, will be held in San Francisco, USA, from February 20 to 24, and the American semiconductor giant Intel will unveil the ASIC chip From the Bitcoin Mining conference.

According to the discussion process, Intel will announce a new ultra-low-voltage, power-saving bitcoin mining ASIC chip called Bonanza Mine, which will be Intel's first entry into the market for dedicated bitcoin mining ASIC chips. , at a meeting in February. 23rd. Must be. It competes directly with mining companies such as Bitmain and MicroBT.

In fact, Intel had already filed a patent in November 2018 explaining similar concepts for high-performance bitcoin mining, and Cointelegraph predicts that the patented devices could include Intel products next month.

According to the certificate, the ASIC dies after the Bonanza mine can perform the same number of performances as other die ASICs, eliminating the need to repeat or redo, and the system can reduce the total power consumption by about 15%.

At this time, it is unclear whether Intel's announced Bonanza Mine products will be available for retail or simply for commercial or research purposes. However, these products could make Intel a major competitor in the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Bitmain's Ethereum ASIC devices have yet to ship and Nvidia has suffered several eye drops. Despite the constant and inconsistent production costs, the demand for cryptocurrency is simply stagnant.

Enter the cryptocurrency site

This is not the first time that Intel has ventured into cryptocurrencies. In the second quarter financial report submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in August last year, Intel announced that it had purchased 3,014 shares of the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase for $760,000 from June of last year. A major company announces a public investment in the cryptocurrency exchange.

Additionally, previous reports indicate that Intel's first ARC Alchemist graphics cards will be available this year, and in October last year, Intel Vice President and CEO of PC Client Graphics Products and Solutions, Roger Chandler , said the card series would limit cryptocurrency. I will not follow Nvidia executives.

According to a "Decrypt" report from last December, Raja Koduri, director of Intel's Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics division, said that blockchain network activity is better than ever when referring to gaming graphics cards from the business. Hardware burning cycle, which we are working on.

Bitcoin mining consumes around 137 terawatt hours (TWh) of energy per year, according to new data from the Cambridge Bitcoin Power Consumption Index. This means that Bitcoin uses more energy than many countries.

Previous research by Decrypt found that Bitcoin mining produces greenhouse gases equivalent to burning over 60 billion pounds of coal, an average of over 9 million homes per year. It is unclear how the power consumption of the ASIC chips that Intel intends to introduce will affect Bitcoin's power consumption.

An Intel expert told Decrypt about the new product that Intel will provide more details in the future. The spokesperson added that Intel upgraded the ASIC to the SHA-256 algorithm after completing operations in Intel's lab. .


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