Google hires PayPal executives to expand its crypto footprint

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Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., will hire Arnold Goldberg, former chief executive and chief marketing officer of PayPal, to lead its payments business, Bloomberg announced today. . ~

Just three months after scrapping an idea that allowed Google Pay users to create reviews and save money through its Plex service, the search and advertising giants have dug deep into the crypto debit cards and other financial services.

"Cryptography is something we're focused on," Bill Ray, president of Google Commerce, told Bloomberg. "As the needs of consumers and providers change, so will we."

Google Pay, the company's digital wallet for online or contactless mobile purchases, has already made some inroads into the crypto space. In March 2020, Google Payne added integration with Coinbase, a Visa debit card that supports bitcoin payments.

In August 2021, a few months after joining Apple Pay, BitPay Mastercard also appeared in Google Pay.

In October 2021, Bakkt announced that debit cardholders could use Bitcoin with Google Pay to purchase products and services.

At the end of 2020, PayPal announced that consumers could buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum on the platform.


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