Shaanxi Province Develops Publicity Project For Virtual Currency Mining

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On January 18, the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission learned that Shaanxi Province had developed a platform for virtual currency "mining" activities to fulfill the role of public administration and announce the way to problems.

We understand that the activities of the cryptocurrency "industry" involve high electricity consumption, high CO2 content, low profitability for the national economy, and the risks derived from manufacturing and marketing. of cryptocurrency have become important. Indiscriminate and chaotic construction contributes to the growth of industry and society, as well as to the conservation of energy and the reduction of emissions.

Managing the virtual benefits "market" is key to improving the efficiency of business models, promoting energy conservation and emission reductions, and achieving greenhouse gas emissions, carbon content and time-averaged carbon targets. Shaanxi Province's Virtual Currency "Mining" Operating System Platform Reveals Virtual Currency "Mining" Activity Secret According to Records, Enjoy Favorable Rules By tax, real estate, utility bills, electricity, etc. "I agree. Companies or individuals providing services such as commercial rental, Internet businesses and cafes that have been illegally used and involved in virtual "commercial" benefits and many other covert "mining" activities.


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