Buterin confirmed that EIP-1559 reduced conversion time. Polygon Mainnet Update

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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin (later Vitalik Buterin) announced his thesis "Empirical Analysis of EIP-1559: Payments, Latency, and Security Evaluation" on Twitter today (18), and the paper special certifies that the EIP-1559 contains materials that reduce the average latency of operation.

Buterin said in a tweet: This EIP-1559 from scientists at Peking University and Duke University is very good. Special thanks also go to these researchers for providing data showing that EIP-1559 can reduce average latency per operation.

In this study, we report that EIP-1559 improves user experience while describing procedures to simplify cost calculations, keeping fuel costs different from conventional ones, bulk loading, and highlighting the operating latency. However, the study also noted that EIP-1559 still has little impact on low fuel prices and overall security. The study also revealed that the latency of a market increases when the Ethereum exchange rate changes.

On pages 9 and 10 of the document, it is stated that the average distribution of blocking latency release after the London hard fork appears to be much higher before the adjustment. latency is reduced.

V神证实EIP-1559大幅减少交易时间 Polygon主网跟进更新

EIP-1559 is located on the main polygon network.

As previously reported, EIP-1559 proposes to minify ETHer (ETH) by converting existing Ethereum rates, dividing the costs into seed costs and mining costs, and removing a portion of the seed value. The Ethereum Polygon sidechain also uses the EIP-1559 update with Ethereum.

Polygon's official Twitter tweeted today that EIP-1559 will be launched on Polygon's mainnet on January 18 at 11:00 a.m. Beijing time. For both men and women, the EIP-1559 is still hours away from the launch of the mainnet. Best practices provide the process to burn MATIC tokens and increase transparency.

Polygon said that EIP-1559 will be developed on the Polygon mainnet, replacing the oil auction mechanism, becoming a lower price and a preferred price for acceleration, and breaking the starting price of exchanges due to network connection.

Since the solid content of MATIC is 10 billion pieces, the introduction of the Polygon decomposition process creates a deflationary effect. According to the website, the annual damage of MATIC is 0.27% of the total equipment.


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