Ergo plans to launch a product line that introduces developers to ecosystems.

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Dan Friedman, strategic advisor and head of business development at Ergo, is the first to update communities on what happens after the first question and answer (AMA) of 2022. He reiterates the concept of domain name exchange ( DEX), and the first step is to register Ergo on several major DEXs such as SushiSwap, Uniswap and others. Listing on these exchanges will go a long way to increasing ERG's market volume and ease of access, and pave the way for greater participation in the Ergo community. Once done, we will provide key information to the communities.

Talking about education and products, Dan told the audience that he was in the final stages of discussing partnerships with a very prestigious university. This partnership will focus on developing workshops with the Ergo Foundation that can be submitted both offline and online. Dan reiterates the importance of this product in helping more people understand the Ergo brand and integrate it into the Ergo ecosystem. Details of the engagement have not been made public as discussions are ongoing.

Finally, Dan noted that the focus is on developing financial products for Ergo. It warns viewers to watch the latest release of Ergo Pulse. This time Chris Ray from ErgoLend is a guest. It has also been reported that he is in talks with various organizations to develop a range of financial products to create greater efficiencies for Ergo holders to communities (specifically the development of in order to receive passive income).

Joseph Armanio (Ergo Business Manager) has started announcing registration for the ErgoHack (Ergo Hackathon) in the future. He said he has recommendations for Mixer and hopes more interesting apps will appear. ErgoHack has done very well in the past and it's great to see new developers taking advantage of this opportunity to join the Ergo community.

Mark Glasgow (Ergo Community Manager) also joined the AMA this week to discuss their work on the Sigmanaut project and their vision to expand the business community for Ergo. These efforts aim to attract more knowledge to Ergo based on changes in the ecosystem.

WADA Questions and Answers

The following is a summary of questions from the audience for this AMA. Last week, Dan, Armanio and Mark answered questions about the downturn in the mining industry, the industry, the demand for educational equipment, the list of jobs in the Ergo ecosystem, the inter- chains, venture capitalists, scaling solutions, etc. The community joked that Dan put the Ergo ornament on his car, and Dan went along with the idea. He even said that the community collected the tea before taking pictures of the beautiful places all over Japan! For the full AMA, head over to our Ergo Platform YouTube channel.

How do you solve the mining centralization problem? When the release is complete, the changes are madethe priceHow to survive when bitcoin goes up or there are big blocks?

Joe Armenio teb

Protection of mining centralization

It must therefore give value.

If you look at the chains below 51% resistance, most rents.

dead or dormant chain

keep the price

Defend the chain against 51% attack.

Do it to Ergo to do it.

As ETH and ETC have done before, if there are strings that share algorithms with other major block strings, one string will add more value and the other will stagnate.

Safety differences should affect their effectiveness.

When useful, you can rent the power hash and point it to another chain. Then Double Charge Siphon Used Strikes


After the post is complete, outsiders provide feedback.

Mark Glasgow teb

Solve the problem of mining centralization

Clever solutions for the first hackathon

Smart GetBlok test contract

With these technologies, decentralization of mining can be achieved.


I don't think anyone thinks about that now

I don't think the exchange rate is enough, but until then, who knows?

Ergo has been down for a few months. Do you think the business should grow slowly?

Mark Glasgow teb

Ergo Business Director has been in contact with some public relations agencies and communication agencies.

Develop an incubator program to facilitate communication between the Ergo Foundation and community developers for collaboration.

rebranding of the lub website

Sigmanaut programming helps community businesses.

Dan Friedman's response

Ergo tam sim no muaj's Twitter account 50,000 followers!

The commercial team has achieved a lot

try to make it attractive

We communicate with public relations and media companies

Dan is a long-time business expert

There is evidence

Find the best ideas

Take our PR and news to the next level

Presentation of the ecological enclosure

Media advice for content selection and promotion

it happens

to stay

Joe Armenio teb

What is cryptocurrency used for?

Ergo has many things

DEX is coming soon

NFT Marketplace Muaj

Design tools in Ergo

Looking forward to further growth in the new year

More ergonomic marketing may be desired.

As the system develops and more and more machines are inspired by it, there will be more and more features.

Easy-to-use tools that people can easily use

Sharing good experiences with people

Why should we focus on learning? This is clear from Cardano. We are not Cardano. We don't have to go to a school like Cardano alone.

Mark Glasgow teb

We don't take real education because of Cardano.

Ergo is blockchain-based research.

it's a new technology

You need to teach developers how to use them so people can improve them.

Joe Armenio teb

Extended UTXO (eUTXO) is new.

It's a new smart contract.

Many chains operate as Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs).

ETH does it well.

Create open source tools and libraries

It attracts a lot of talent development

it doesn't happen at night

eUTXO is young

We are in the early stages of completing the manufacturing process.

Because it creates and creates an open community

We have the tools and the library

Barriers for lower access

Dan Friedman's response

Many companies promote and develop their products through training.

Once you start training, many new people will be able to use your product.

Learn how to create a portal.

Many people want to know more about blockchain and how it works.

There is a larger audience that would like to participate without being chased with information.

I don't want to intimidate others. Lower performance bar.

Talk about his early experiences and advice on how blockchain works. You need to understand why blockchain has been hailed as the next update.

Not only does education help bring people into the ecosystem, but education is generally what the blockchain movement should be doing.

make it understandable for policy makers

so people can learn

Do you plan to put someone in the relationship building business? I want to create content for developers.

Mark Glasgow teb

A lot of income has been generated recently for teaching.

Start the ErgoDocs website:

Find more writers

Joe Armenio teb

We have already talked about it with Alex and we have to find the necessary material.

Maybe Alex is thinking of a Director of Education.

It is also possible to find a developer to help with the new project.

They can create open notifications and more.

find the right person

Any thoughts on the naming meeting for Project Ergo? It doesn't seem like a good idea to list all the "Ergo so-and-rest" jobs.

Mark Glasgow teb

The ErgoPad team is committed to protecting people by saving new jobs using Ergo.

It is not recommended for people to use it.

Dan Friedman's response

I think it will be interesting to create an Ergo-free name with the application.

Can you give me your perspective on venture capital (VC)? Are you ready to integrate VCs into the ecosystem?

Joe Armenio teb

It is an important process. Ergo is determined to be honest.

To be honest, that means any VC can write ERG anytime in the open market.

There are already used tokens in the open store.

If you need a VC to come, no problem.

In terms of project initiation, VCs can pave the way for upgrades.

Once you enter the market, you can see the interest.

Equitable distribution is difficult

This gradually created communities and attracted developers.

You can see the data using VC.

Usually one person controls the cost.

They are potential enemies for anyone following him.

VC power is usually very strong.

Most users don't seem to get sick

I am very happy

The Xav token economy matters

It's not that VCs are bad or don't want to create value.

Dan Friedman's response

it's come a long way

In the blockchain, some people don't trust VCs.

Yes, cost control is not what VCs want.

We have to be real too.

not all are bad

The problem isn't VCs, it's the predatory market.

Check out some great and honest VCs that add value to the ecosystem.

There are Black Sheep VCs who have ruined their reputation.

VCs should not be boycotted outright.

What does the Ergo Growth Solution look like? Amid fame and fast traffic, do you want something like Cardano?How does Hydra work in this continuous development?

Mark Glasgow teb

Scala Hub is working on Plasma.

Other Discussions - We know we mentioned this in the Hydra whitepaper.

Also adjust ErgoDocs to see further

Check out the tutorial on Scala Hub.

Joe Armenio teb

We have a lot of changes in this area

Many real technologies have been developed and Kushti shows some of them.

The best solution has not yet been found on the blockchain.

There is a lot of interesting information and experiences.

How to cross the link of the chain? Interoperability is very important in the cryptocurrency space.

Mark Glasgow teb

Suzi Jiwon Uses Wormhole And Cross Chain Bridge SOL In Development

We will carry the 7 assets: SOL, USDT, GTON.

An interconnection with the Conceal network is still under development.

Joe Armenio teb

The Wormhole framework is used by many industries.

It has the potential to be very interactive.

Is there a new recipe?

Mark Glasgow teb

is to be

We have been working with product sponsors and once we are done we will have the opportunity to develop new plans.

An interactive map is available on the new website.

What did you think of Bitcoin's hashrate crash yesterday when Kazakhstan shut down the internet? Will Ergo face the same problem as the PoW chain?

Joe Armenio teb

We see that sometimes. World events have had an impact elsewhere.

This clearly affects the market

Invisible events always cause string breaks

rau iOS nonFor Ergo holders, Viawallet is better than Yoroi.

Mark Glasgow teb

Android wallets have been shipped to iOS.

ready to use

It is currently in the iOS Test Flight (beta) app store, but is still awaiting an admin process before being listed in the major app stores.

Better than Viawallet as it supports Ergo assets like NFTs and other tokens.

I need a YouTube video explaining to the public what Ergo is and why it developed, using C.ib Bureaustyle.

Mark Glasgow teb

YouTube admins are always planning this stuff, so be careful.

Province de KaironHow does collaboration work?

Joe Armenio teb

still good

We are still working to get them through Sesame Open.

I'm looking for a way to get Kairon Labs lawyers to open an account in the US, and I'm trying to get a certificate on Christmas Eve this weekend.

The law has been signed and submitted and will be available soon.

When will I see the update on Ledger integration?

Mark Glasgow teb

Wait for the Tesseract team to review the rules.

Yoroi's producers started working for him, so when he was done, he was ready to quit.

Normally it's done

only the last piece

Do you think the financial community is currently thinking about backing venture capital deals, creating false expectations for honest development projects like Ergo that don't have the same capabilities?

Mark Glasgow teb

I think so personally.

If you look at other jobs, there aren't many jobs like Ergo.

Some people forget that cryptocurrencies can be made.

Joe Armenio teb

The essence of this question is to create false hopes.

It takes time to do things

Especially if you want to do it right.

Must have skills

There is always competition and people are addicted to it.

How long does it take to create something deep and of quality?

The actual cost and consumption of electricity is not achieved overnight.

Dan Friedman's response

Consider one of the nuances of cryptocurrencies based on the false and unrealistic expectations of the times.

People don't need to know how long it takes to establish quality.

Otherwise, you will get lower prices.

Rapidly evolving, the notion of going to market has devastated the industry.

If you're lucky, you can create something that doesn't explode.

But that doesn't mean it's safe

Short-term moving costs have no impact.

There is a crazy hope in the financial world that everything will end tomorrow.

When ETH is sentarrivalPoS, large companies that invest heavily in graphics card (eg.Factorymerchant or meagent) Would you invest a lot of PoW coins to help with electricity bill migration?

Mark Glasgow teb

I think it's ok

Otherwise, you can find quite cheap photos in the store.

The idea of ​​a soft fork at what level? Which outings have been rescheduled so far?

Mark Glasgow teb

given to minors

Voting starts in 2-3 weeks

It lasts 46 days

If it is finished, it will be finished in March

talk about the request

Besides ERG and ADA, which cryptocurrencies do you like?

Mark Glasgow teb

someone who can do something appealing

Focus on fair income

Joe Armenio teb

Like a room focused on collaboration

I enjoy personal work and community.

Dan Friedman's response

projects he likes

Check out the most rewarding work we've done in the past 5 years.

Using NFTs for Non-Artistic Activities

The musical project must evolve

Ergo has the technology and we can lead this place.

Expect NFT music to become more popular.

NFTs can create symbols and financial products.

use of music

aura Ergo uathe meeting?

Mark Glasgow teb

is to be

probably end of January

Now get ready for the hackathon

Do you think Ergo's Oracle is better for Ergo when it comes to adoption?

Mark Glasgow teb

Yes, but Ergo has many advantages.

Oracle will become more important in the future.

Joe Armenio teb

It's a tool in the kit.

These tools allow you to trust your data.

There are pros and cons of participants.

As we move towards the integrated DeFi ecosystem, a failure can affect multiple chains.

Having an amazing oracle is important in the long run.

We are in the same position with smart contracts.

We get more solutions

I hope this will not affect the negative chain reaction.

A definition of trust can entail risks.

Over the next five years, what will be the main features of Ergo?

Mark Glasgow teb

never seen before

I think the sigma process would be included

Expectations are a local exchange

Joe Armenio teb

Difficult question

There is a lot of research presented now.

The bull market stimulates research

New processes can be applied to existing devices

If designed well, you can get amazing performance.

I need to update some mature features daily.

We hope to see more reliable and more secure solutions in 5 years.

Dan Friedman's response

Let's look at this from a marketing perspective

Versatility and evolution

This is a long term feature

Attract versatility and the ability to evolve

So stick with PoW.

Ergo can turn into a blockchain.

There will be new ways to take advantage of PoW.

This is why he thinks there is no competition between Ergo and Cardano.

I think both are good projects

Create your own business center and share

Take advantage of new ways of doing business

As Kushti puts it, what blockchain would Ergo "eat?"

Mark Glasgow teb

Ergo doesn't have many competitors that do the same.

You can do what Ergo can do cheaper and better.


There will be discussions about this in the next few years.

Think that's a lot of success in the next 10 years.


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