WTF airdrop took my gas bill and collected it.

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WTF? Sorry. It is not about commitment.

This is a money back guarantee, the number of addresses exceeded 5,000 in 30 minutes, and the current address exceeded 10,000 in 2 hours after posting. Getting into the head swap is almost inevitable. Needless to say, the user manual provides:

WTF Context Overview

Official website of the project:

The plan was created in 2019 and its main purpose is to show Ethereum users how much they are spending in Ethereum. Then he protested the high price of Ethereum and expressed his displeasure, he switched all fees to fxxk.WTF is a management symbol.

WTF 空投 吃了我的gas费给我拿回来

Jeton: $ WTF

Contract address:


Maximum delivery rating: 1.716B

Procurement Team: 0

A rate of 4% is charged for each change, and the rate is divided as follows:

75% for holding $WTF (i.e. 3% of the exchange rate);

15% (i.e. 0.6% of the exchange rate) will be rewarded with an LP token collateral.

5% (i.e. 0.2% of the exchange rate) will be rewarded to WTF participants.

5% (i.e. 0.2% of previous income) in the financing of the project.

From the perspective of the industry standard, the short-term overwrite capacity is minimal, as the team has no supervision, and the location of the safe has obtained a variety of signatures.

WTF 空投 吃了我的gas费给我拿回来


Start time: January 14 at 8:00 a.m. Beijing

airdrop stuff: Users with pre-block chain interconnection 13916450

airdrop reward: Free WTF tokens and rekt NFT officially launched

to watch: WTF applications must be locked and 0.01 ETH must be paid.

After logging into the official website, you need to connect your wallet and select the Ethereum network key.

WTF 空投 吃了我的gas费给我拿回来

After connecting your wallet, click on the value as shown in the image below and the system will automatically transport your work through the chain.Calculate the number of airdrops available at the current location.

WTF 空投 吃了我的gas费给我拿回来

Before making the request,You need to use 0.01 ETH to activate it., this 0.01ETH will be shared between the WTF team and the guests, and the return of the project evening will be from:

WTF 空投 吃了我的gas费给我拿回来

If you entered the wallet and received the airdrop, click the wallet again to check your current WTF and the WTF rewards you can receive in "My Account".

WTF 空投 吃了我的gas费给我拿回来

You can trade, add income and withdraw income using the WTFs in the red box.

For those who can't get airdrops, don't worry. There are other special features that allow you to earn regular income by sharing links. Click on "NFT & WTF Claims" in the homepage navigation bar, you will see a red "reflink" arrow, click to get a promotional link which will display by yourself.

WTF 空投 吃了我的gas费给我拿回来

copy thisOngoing support can earn 10% of service fee proceeds.

WTF 空投 吃了我的gas费给我拿回来

Click Upgrade in the image above to activate the invite feature (requires some fuel) to provide custom options on the project side as well.

WTF 空投 吃了我的gas费给我拿回来

This means that the regular share can receive 10% of the opening fee paid by the guests (eg 0.01 ETH as mentioned above), but they can also burn part of the WTF to increase this rate of return. It seems that some efforts have been made by the parties to achieve deflation of the economic model and control the cost of the project.


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