Shark Tank aside, Mark Cuban claims that 80% of new investments are in cryptocurrencies.

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As actor and former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban identifies the intricacies of the crypto space from a pragmatic perspective.

Cuban told Stewart in a podcast on Thursday that he hadn't paid attention to the price speculation around cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin, and likened it to the "stuff" akin to stocks. The owners of the Dallas Mavericks explain to Stewart some of the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency space, while the "free and unreliable" insurers have "an equal and equal vote" to control all operations. . These characteristics attracted the billionaire entrepreneur.

“The investments I am making now are not normal business,” Cuban said. “80% of non-Shark Tank investments are in cryptocurrency or something like that. "

Cuban explained how, in theory, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) could provide colonoscopy and other necessary treatments. It is also believed that many new business models (distributed and unreliable) in the crypto industry will affect established businesses such as banks, insurance companies, and the book industry.

“For cryptocurrencies, it was 1995,” Cuban said, referring to the start of the crypto industry, just like the Internet.

"[Cryptocurrencies] are difficult and difficult to understand, but within 10 years these applications will be successful. With the age of the Internet, new young people will be the first to find it. .

Star Shark Tank The position of crypto assets has changed a lot in recent years, claiming that they "want bananas" more than gold or bitcoin. The billionaire trader has backed Polygon by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in token carbon offsets and calling for better management of the coin.

Stewart hinted that the region has a better understanding of technological and industrial issues rather than problems created by the financial system as a whole, but he is still concerned about each group's decision. The actor previously joked that a project token of the same name would be unveiled.

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- John Stewart (@jonstewart) November 16, 2021

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