Does Twitter support crypto wallets? Twitter Admin: The internet rumors are true, but the features haven't been released yet.

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Recently on Twitter, a screenshot from a Twitter experiment revealed that Twitter wants to link your wallet (cryptocurrency). As an employee who tries these features, but hasn't announced it yet.

Well-known human engagement leader Roman Tirone posted this photo on Twitter on the 11th, saying:

In response to this screenshot, Justin Taylor said on April 12, "It hasn't been posted.

But Justin Taylor took it a step further and confirmed the screenshots were correct. These screenshots were taken by a member of the experimental staff.

Justin Taylor finally said: I mean, I guarantee you it's true! It's fun, isn't it?

To date, Twitter officials have yet to clarify the specific purpose or release date of the cryptocurrency wallet login attempt. However, it should be noted that last September, Justin Taylor announced a demonstration video in which he could replace the NFT with a Twitter avatar and add blue checkmark authentication. The first step to replacing NFTs with Twitter avatars is to connect your cryptocurrency wallet.

According to a video shared by Justin Taylor at the time, the most popular Twitter sponsored wallets are Coinbase, Trust, Argent, Metamask,, and iToken (imToken), among others. However, as the demo video indicates that this is just a simulation, there may be a few changes.

According to a recent report, Jane Manchun Wong, a Hong Kong tech researcher known for discovering hidden features in apps, also shared screenshots on Twitter last October, where Twitter showcases the content of articles, NFT messages and NFTs.

Active development of the cryptocurrency field

Over the past few months, Twitter has undergone several setups in the cryptocurrency space. For example, on September 23 of last year, Twitter announced the Bitcoin tip feature of the iOS version and followed a few weeks after the Android version, that users can earn money through links to their app. Cash, Patreon, Venmo and other accounts. . announcement. Check out our guide or choose to refund your Bitcoin refund on Lightning Network and Strike.

Last November, Twitter announced the creation of the Twitter Crypto blockchain team. The group's main goal is to find ways to support developers and help developers and communities manage virtual devices (like NFTs) by sharing applications and cryptocurrencies. . The evolution of decentralized social media. .

However, while Twitter is still developing its cryptocurrency platform, Twitter CFO Ned Segal said in November last year that it would not be profitable to invest some cash companies in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin at this point. A new investment strategy needs to be developed and Twitter likes assets less.


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