The Bitcoin "Change by Price" market share will double in 2021.

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According to Bitcoinops statistics from December 30, so far this year the usage rate of the 'switch with price' market has fallen from 14% to 28%.

Data shows that for 144 Bitcoin blocks, almost a third of the market first used value-added options in 2016 when GreenAddress (now Green Wallet) started promoting the solution.

The use of "Change by Price" would have had little impact during the first years. In 2018, the model hit its target of 5%, and over the forecast period, it will take another two years to reach 10% available.

Things change in the third quarter of 2020. As the consumer base grows, the cryptocurrency boom is hitting homes and people are starting to send bitcoin in bulk. In October 2020 the share of "variation with income" increased to 15%, in April 2021 it reached 20% and by the end of the year it was close to 30%, with a maximum of 27.5 %.


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