HB Wallet
HB Wallet
Ease of use
Extra Services
Supported coins
  • ETH
  • ERC20
You control your private keys
Hierarchical Deterministic
Open Source
2 Factor Authentication


HB Wallet was developed by Bacoor Inc., a technology company currently located in Malaysia. This wallet allows its users to store Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. Through HB Wallet, different versions provided can be used Sync the same wallet on multiple devices, including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

HB Wallet is the first to provide"chat Function " Ethereum wallet, users can send messages, emoticons, pictures, Ethers and tokens to other users. It is also the first wallet to provide a comprehensive decentralized exchange, namely HB DEX, where users can trade their ERC20 tokens and Ethers. The latest blockchain and currency news, as well as trending events, can always be notified on HB Wallet every day. Users can also receive free airdrops from other organizations and communities without requiring any return. Anonymity This is what HB Wallet has always provided, because creating a new wallet or restoring an old wallet from another wallet does not require personal information. In the setting options, passwords and private keys can always be safely combined with biometrics and Use PIN lock together. HB wallet fully supports up to 08 languages.