Trezor Wallet
Trezor Wallet
Full node
Ease of use
Extra Services
Supported coins
  • BTC
  • LTC
  • NMC
  • DOGE
  • DASH
  • BCH
  • ZEC
  • ETH
  • ETC
+ 1153 币种
You control your private keys
Hierarchical Deterministic
Open Source
2 Factor Authentication


TREZOR is an isolated environment for offline transaction signatures. Through a small display, you can intuitively verify transaction content. So all operations using TREZOR are completely safe.

< p style="text-align: left;"> Extreme ease of use and super high security. If you like, it can be said to be a Bitcoin safe. Trezor saves the private key on the device and passes USB hook to sign transactions. So you need to install a wallet on your phone or desktop, such as Mycelium. Trezor reduces the risk of your private key being discovered, even if your PC is invaded by malware.

Although it is not the most practical wallet system, it is not suitable for hot wallets and carry around, but it is definitely its gold standard.